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Brondirovaniye of a hair – coloring

is not simple

Brondirovaniye of a hair rather new technology of coloring which apply in beauty salons. The procedure name from English "Brown" – brown and "блонд" – light.

This way of a kolorirovaniye consists in mixing of shades of a natural hair color, or color which is chosen as the basic, thus a difference between shades no more than three orders. It gives to hair effect of a modulation that does them more live and dense. Brond helps the woman to look younger, shades face skin and emphasizes color of eyes.

Brondirovaniye of a hair – equipment

Brondirovaniye procedure very thin and laborious. Prepare to that it is necessary to spend 2-3 hours in salon, but believe, the effect is worthy of it! It should be noted that qualification of the master should not cause any doubts, it is correct to pick up "your" shades and not to cross a thin side between a brondirovaniye and an ordinary melirovaniye only the skilled hairdresser can. In such coloring of hair the main thing – to keep naturalness, in it brondirovaniye "highlight" therefore brondirovaniye service one of the most expensive hairdresser’s services and in house conditions it cannot be made correctly consists.

There begins the master with selection of primary color – it, as a rule, on tone differs from natural, then decides on brondirovaniye shades, them usually no more than three and they consist in one scale with primary color. Paint hair according to a certain scheme: than the lock of hair, subjects it is more light is thinner, it allows to reach a soft modulation of shades. Besides, a brondirovaniye of hair do receding from roots on some centimeters thanks to what their volume visually increases. Result – absolutely natural live color with a soft modulation which is very similar to the hair which have burned out on the sun.

After coloring hairdressers recommend to fix result biolamination of hair, it will add healthy shine and will increase effect after coloring.

Advantages of a brondirovaniye of hair

Along with tremendous effect of such coloring is also positive sides. For example by means of a brondirovaniye it is possible to increase visually hairdress volume that is not unimportant for people with a fine hair. Otrosshiye roots are almost imperceptible, therefore they can be not tinted. Brondirovaniye remarkably hides a gray hair and refreshes the person thanks to what it is popular among "middle-aged" women.

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