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Hair extension in Kaliningrad: that, where, how much

Hair extension in Kaliningrad: that, where, how much
In total about a hair extension

Thick long hair is a dream practically each woman, all female sites about it write. They emphasize feminity and sexuality and are capable to dement any man.  

That is why it is not a pity to us money for a hair extension. In Kaliningrad this procedure can be made without problems.

Hair extension pluses

Increase in volume. For owners of a thin and thinning hair, building is the real rescue. The volume of a hairdress can be increased in 2-3 times.

Increase in length. By means of building it is possible to increase quickly length of hair in only 2-3 hours, thus having cardinally changed the image.

Possibility to make a kolorirovaniye or a melirovaniye, without resorting to coloring of own hair. It is possible to use locks as natural shades, and bright fashionable locks of every possible flowers.

By means of zone building it is possible to increase volume of hair on separately taken site of the head, for example, in temporal or occipital area and also to extend a bang.

Building can carry out esthetic function, hiding the injured sites of the head – burns or scars.

The hair extension can mean not only locks of hair, but also pastes, dreadlocks,  

plaits on the head, and a lock with plumelets.

There are some technologies of a hair extension:Hair extension in Kaliningrad: that, where, how much

It is a hot method at which special pitch of a lock fasten to own hair. The softening of pitch is carried out by the special device in the form of two small clips. On a place of fastening transparent capsules which at all do not prevent to comb hair are formed. Term socks of the hair increased in the Italian way – 6 months.

The English

It too hot method of building. Fastening of locks occurs to the help of the glutinous gun and organic pitch. This way locks in a temporal or occipital part of the head usually fix. On a place of fastening the small ball is formed. Advantage of this method – in possibility to correct building. In process of growth and a hair loss, the increased lock can be removed and moved closer to roots. However at such way hair from the increased lock are combed out over time.

The Spanish

Locks fasten by means of Rueber glue. On a place of fastening the small flat capsule of a whitish shade therefore this method suits fair-haired girls more is formed. The big minus of this way consists that you should protect hair from a namokaniye all the time. And the more so not to do at all house lamination.

The French

Also becomes with Rueber glue use, however in this case in it it is possible to add dye that does such way of building suitable for girls with any hair color. Besides the French method allows to regulate quantity of hair in a lock. Almost as French weaving, isn’t that so?

Hair extension in Kaliningrad: that, where, how much
Building by means of metal beads

Locks fasten to hair by means of the ceramic-metal beads which color can be picked up in tone to hair, and they will not be appreciable. This way is considered the safest as the hair are not exposed to influence of gluing substances.

However at all conclusive advantages the hair extension has also minuses about which it is necessary to tell:

  1. Own hair are injured during the building and removal of locks, especially thermo – methods or chemical way. After that long time hair пушиться can.
  2. When building by metal beads, there is a feeling of presence of extraneous subjects in hair. It causes discomfort.
  3. The capsules which are forming at building, are easily probed and them often it is simply visible. Therefore it is rather difficult to collect hair in a tail that thus capsules remained are imperceptible.
  4. It is at first very inconvenient to sleep and the head is constantly scratched.
  5. The hair extension has contra-indications: baldness, hypersensibility of skin, hair loss, chemotherapy.

If all this does not frighten you, safely go to salon. And in some hours you can already brag of a magnificent long and voluminous hair.

In Kaliningrad this service do in many beauty salons. To learn you are more detailed can from our catalog. Hair extension cost – from 1000 rubles.

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