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When to cut hair? Calendar of a hairstyle of hair

When to cut hair? Calendar of a hairstyle of hair
About mysterious communication of hair with our destiny spoke during ancient times. Some signs , for certain, are familiar to our readers according to stories of grandmothers, great-grandmothers. And now question: after all with an ulterior motive some generations of people adhered to rules and signs when to cut hair? The country of Beauty prepared this article to help readers to be defined, when to cut hair, and also to tell in more detail about a role of hair in destiny of the person.

Hairdress – exact reflection of subconsciousness of the person.

Today conversations on bio-energetics are popular. Experts are convinced of this sphere – the hairstyle or hair dressing can change a psychological condition of the person. We are often set вопросjv – when to cut hair, but we do not guess at all that the decision in a choice of time of a hairstyle solves also deep biopower problems.

In old times the maiden plait was considered certain oberegy, protecting the owner. The bad words told in a back simply were absorbed by a long plait, and then all dark energy was washed away from hair when washing head.

When to cut hair? Calendar of a hairstyle of hair
But it is unessential to carry long plaits, all our locks, ringlets, tell bangs about our inner self. For example, the parting in the middle speaks about internal balance, aspiration to stability, the ideal hairdress speaks about lack of psychological problems. If the girl all the time unconsciously corrects a hairdress, it speaks about its internal discomfort. Hair partings on the right or at the left can speak about domination man’s or a feminine. Hairdresses with an open forehead can speak and resolute, courageous and in certain cases impudent character. The dense bang serves as though as a mask, such person takes a role of the detached onlooker in life. If the woman hides ears under hair, she unconsciously aspires to hide from the world, to retire. The owner of open ears is open for people around and is ready to come to the rescue any minute. A large number of ornaments on hair tell about sincere discomfort.

When to cut hair: days of week.

– It is impossible to go to a hairdressing salon in days of a solar and lunar eclipse that can draw diseases.

– If you have a desire to replace image, that will be Monday in the favorable afternoon. Together with the cut-off hair the saved-up negative energy will leave.

– Tuesday too is considered in the successful afternoon for appearance transformation. Such transformation can facilitate life and bring the correct solutions of the ripened problems.

– The hairstyle on Wednesday will give strength to become more active and positive. Will present interesting acquaintances and communication with old friends.

– Thursday – for those who wants to pull out a jackpot at destiny. The hairstyle this day can involve Fate and make the owner a celebrity.

– Friday the best day for a hairstyle, will provide good mood on all days off.

The whole days of week are in own way favorable for a new hairstyle, only on Sunday it is not recommended to be cut – it is possible to cut off good luck.

When to cut hair: lunar calendar.

When to cut hair? Calendar of a hairstyle of hair
By many it is already proved that the moon influences growth and health of hair. For example, if to make a hairstyle in Moon growth, hair will grow much quicker. For rapid growth of hair it is necessary to select date when the Moon is on the first or second quarter of the growth.

The decreasing moon will strengthen roots of your hair and will prevent loss, the truth to let grow them it is necessary long.

In a new moon to go to a hairdressing salon contraindicated, speak a hairstyle these days shortens life.

Here some councils on a hairstyle of hair on a lunar calendar:

– The hairstyle of hair in the growing moon is favorable for fast growth of hair.

– Well influence the person of a hairstyle in a full moon.

– Lunar days favorable for hairstyles: 5, 8, 11, 13, 14, 19, 21, 22, 26.

The period of the growing moon well will be suitable for hair-dyeing. For a food of hair too it is better to choose this period.

The wave depends on the Moon a little, but it is considered day, when the Moon in the Maiden in the most favorable afternoon.

Our magazine advises hair after a hairstyle not to throw at all into water and it is better not to throw out anywhere, and to put in one place or at once to burn. On it depends not only preservation of beauty of hair, but also health of all organism.

When to cut hair? Calendar of a hairstyle of hair