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Fashionable a hair color – summer 2011

The majority of celebrities surprise us with frequent change of a hair color, and it always helps them to support high interest to their appearance.

Hair color change – the simplest way of radical transformation, needlessly to endow in the length or the current style of hair. So, if you look for new, stylish, fashionable a hair color 2011, look at the following the best ideas of celebrities which our female magazine the Beauty Country will give you.

Fashionable a hair color 2011 – блонд

The light hair color always was considered as one of the most seductive shades of all. It is probable, therefore the majority of sex symbols of the world of the blonde. This year moderate shades of the blonde which are suitable for everyone are fashionable. To increase beauty of your hair and to give them a modern look, follow an example Jennifer Aniston.

Choose moderate a combination of flowers in locks of hair, using warm colors of vanilla, honey, caramel or the golden blonde. Make thin underlining round the person and the top layers of hair for the summer blonde, or stronger contrast, showing dark layers of hair under the top light. Carey Hilson so arrives. It is important, that you kept colors of your locks in perfect tune and properly and knew how to treat a limp and brittle hair.

Fashionable a hair color 2011 – dark colors

If you have an average tone of skin, and you want to create a natural, warm look, it is possible to pay your attention to a chocolate hair color. Choose from fantastically rich tones brown with thin locks of color of a toffee, adding charm to primary color.

The key for obtaining brilliant brown color which makes fashionable a hair color 2011 is a contrast between emphasized thin locks and primary color of hair. Very effectively such color looks at at whom brown eyes so if it is color suits you, do not hesitate to address to the expert for hair color updating.

Such hair color simply ideal option for women who like to look naturally. Beautiful hair can have a shade from a glossy ebony to deep coal, the mysterious brunette will be suitable for any tone of skin.

Shades with dark chocolate or espresso work wonderfully for suntanned, or for women with olive tone of skin. As to at whom light skin, cool shades brown or dark blue-black will be suitable for bright contrast.

Fashionable a hair color 2011 – shocking red

The red is still allocated against fashionable flowers of hair 2011 so if you look for an unusual, sharp hair color, this color, certainly, deserves your attention. The hardened and being shone red shades, for example at Rihanna, very smartly look.

Keep in mind that special care of hair in this case is required. Your hair will need special protective products which will support bright pigments. Choose a red shade which suits your style and tone of skin, and carry a magnificent new shade surely as it is a hair color does not leave you unnoticed!

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