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Hair loss: bad leaving or heredity?

Hair loss: bad leaving or heredity?

The most terrible and difficult curable illness connected with hair, the hair loss is. Much more more often than women, suffer it men. They make the vast majority of the patients addressing to cosmetic surgeons for operation on transplantations of hair. Properties of head skin and on her tendency to lose hair are influenced first of all by heredity and an individual hormonal background. It is simplest to predict a situation, having paid attention to the family, and also on the health and a way of life. But the hair loss happens and acquired, and the cosmetology already learned to fight against it.

Hair loss: risk factors

Such problem, as the hair loss, torments very many because to "earn" it rather simply. It is promoted very much constant strongly a tightening of hair in hairdresses elastic bands, invisible beings, hairpins and hairpins by carrying of wigs, chignons, artificial plaits. Even it is impossible to do a hair parting constantly in the same place. Other reason leading to so undesirable consequences is that the organism lacks some vitamins and minerals that is frequent, for example, during pregnancy. The artful illness traps always, at the wrong choice of cosmetics for hair or abuse of means for laying, especially low quality.

Hair loss: how to be?

The strong hair loss imposes serious restrictions. First of all, it is necessary to exclude new chemical damages: it is impossible to do neither a wave, nor coloring. Before head washing hair need to be combed very accurately a rare crest. It is necessary to put shampoo carefully, massing movements and only once.

Having noticed at itself signs of excessive loss of hair, it is better to begin therapy of hair at an initial stage and not to wait, while the situation will be aggravated. It is very dangerous to self-medicate, better to address to the skilled expert in a beauty salon. But you will be not not prevented precisely by old folk remedies – masks for the hair all necessary components for which you will find in any drugstore. Our female magazine offers you some curative masks on the basis of herbs, but their variety is not limited to this list. Not superfluous before treatment will define at first the type of hair.

One of the most popular masks which will help if you have oily hair: spirit tincture of a calendula and castor oil (10:1) is put on head skin and carefully rubbed in roots of hair. It is recommended to repeat procedure 2 times a week.

If hair normal, it is possible to mix equally castor oil and 96 %-ny alcohol and to rub in head skin a wadded tampon at 3-4 o’clock, and then to wash up the head and to rinse with acidic water (with juice of a lemon or vinegar).

Infusion from nettle leaves, especially is very useful to any type of hair if to water to add a little table vinegar (1:5:5). It is possible to wash with broth the head, previously having filtered it. To repeat procedure 2-3 times a week, a course in 10 procedures. If necessary plan of treatment repeats.

Starting therapy, be reserved by patience as a disease difficult, and results will be visible not at once. And also prepare that hair, as well as all our body, need care constantly, all life. It is important to consider the mistakes and not to allow, that the temporary hair loss turned into more serious problems. Our female magazine wishes you to be always healthy and beautiful!

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