How to accelerate growth of hair: Professional advice | Hair Health and Beauty 

How to accelerate growth of hair: Professional advice

How to accelerate growth of hair: Professional advice
At each person hair grow with various speed. For especially happy process of an otrashchivaniye of hair passes naturally and does not represent a problem, thanks to genetic features. How to accelerate growth of hair to other girls, dreaming to have healthy long hair? It appears, hair can be helped without special expensive procedures. The All-Russia Internet portal will share with you about beauty and health several councils.

How to accelerate growth of hair: Food.

The heap of factors prevents our hair to be beautiful as to them the nature put. For this purpose in modern life there is a lot of reasons. Hair receive not enough nutrients, drop out, grow dull and секутся. To make active a metabolism in head skin it is possible if to provide a good rush of blood which bears in itself nutrients. For health of hair such substances as are necessary first of all: calcium, iodine, magnesium, manganese, potassium, silicon, sulfur and zinc. Therefore, if want to have beautiful hair, take care of the food. Eat more vegetables, fruit, drink milk. Intensifies growth of hair beta carotene which contains in green and yellow vegetables and fruit. Very important role in beauty of hair plays biooozes which contains in walnuts, bean, in oat-flakes and beer yeast. Water too plays not the last role. In day it is necessary to drink not less than one and a half liters at its finest, for a conclusion of toxins from an organism.

How to accelerate growth of hair: Head skin massage.

To deliver to hair blood with nutrients it is possible by means of massage. Massage improves blood circulation and a metabolism to head skin. Allocate 10 minutes of time for head massage daily. For good effect it is possible to make special massage oil: from olive, coconut and kastorovy oils. Warm up oil previously, put on head skin, massage and wash away with shampoo.

The choice of shampoo and the conditioner needs to pay special attention. It is best of all to address to experts who can pick up to you shampoo. To wash the head it is desirable as it is possible more often and good shampoo because skin fat and dandruff prevent to be sated to head skin with oxygen. As it is necessary to shear once a month the ends of hair that they better looked and quicker grew.

How to accelerate growth of hair: Masks for hair.

Before mask application hair should be washed up, slightly to dry.

Nutritious mask from honey, a yolk and onions.

We mix an egg yolk with one tablespoon of honey. We add a kashitsa of onions. The lack of onions is a characteristic persistent smell. It can be cleaned, having sprinkled hair lemon juice. Put a mask, close the head a towel and hold a mask as it is possible more long then wash away.

Honey and onions mask.

To make a kashitsa of onions. The ratio of an onions kashitsa to honey should be 1 to 4. A mask to rub in skin within half an hour then to wash away. If hair dry, in a mask it is possible to add olive oil.

Mask from yeast and tincture of burning pepper.

Let’s take about 30 гр yeast, to it we add 2 tablespoons of pepper brandy. We put on head skin and it is densely closed by a film and from above a towel. We hold minutes 20, depending on tolerance to burning.

Mask from gelatin.

We dismiss gelatin in water, then we warm up. Liquid gelatin is mixed with your shampoo and we make foam on the head. We hold 10-15 minutes and we wash away warm water.

Hair as well as our person shows us our health and mood. For appearance persons it is necessary to get enough sleep and well to eat. It is better to drink more usual water, strong coffee, tea and alcoholic beverages reduce freshness of skin and a hair. Water helps to get rid of toxins and to make you is fresher and it is more beautiful. Try to be always cheerful, it is proved by scientists that the mood influences health, smile to a thicket and love itself!