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Secrets of beauty salons – a look from within

Secrets of beauty salons – a look from within
It is accepted to understand ideology, values as corporate culture, traditions, rules (both written, and unwritten, but all the same existing!), on the basis of which workers build the behavior with clients and with colleagues, the beauty salon management.

Secrets of beauty salons – a look from within

So, in some salons the first the director who checks as far as the salon is ready to work comes to a workplace, meets experts, friendly greeting them and unostentatiously adjusting them on high-quality servicing.

In other beauty salons situation other: the director comes after all, he sits remained before the termination of the working day time in an office and communicates only with the favourites among employees.

In the third beauty salons there is a so well debugged control system that presence of the director on a workplace is unessential every day, and there is it seldom.

And in some salons the director happens daily, but not one often comes, and with the company, and starts to sort out roughly the relations, something to discuss, penetrating into affairs a little.

Why the corporate culture is necessary

If the corporate culture correct, it is very important for beauty salon work in order that its purposes were successfully reached. The corporate culture and as a motivation factor acts. She allows to save essentially administrative efforts and to direct them on creation of high quality service, instead of to explain to the personnel once again why it is impossible to be late or rude to clients, to remind employees that sales are not «goods vtyukhivaniye» that is care of salon of the solution of the tasks facing the client.

How to create corporate culture

To create such corporate culture, which will work for carrying out the business purposes, only the strong leader can. To be the director of salon or its owner insufficiently. The leader to entrain people, should have the real power, set to the staff of salon behavior reference points.

The corporate culture is present at any salon. It develops irrespective of, whether the special attention is paid to its formation. If the corporate culture develops unconsciously, without participation of the management of a beauty salon, in such salon for certain there will be negative leaders, informal groups, uncontrollable models of behavior of employees.

Here such secrets are in each beauty salon. And our portal "The beauty country" tried to open a little to you them!