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Shielding of hair

Shielding of hair
One of such recently developed wonderful means is modern procedure of shielding of the hair, widely presented by numerous beauty salons. What it for procedure such – shielding of hair – and than it is unique? Together with our Female magazine we will understand in more detail.

Shielding of hair

The principle of shielding of hair is simple, as all ingenious! The hair core carefully becomes covered by a dense glossy protective film which reliably protects it from environment influence.

Thanks to shielding each your hair becomes much thicker and stronger, and, therefore, and the hairdress volume considerably increases. Ekranirovannye hair become brilliant, glossy, obedient, but thus more rigid. The protective film thus formed on hair gives them additional moistening and nutrition.

The film thus can be transparent, and can give to your hair a beautiful color shade. Painting means does not contain such substances harmful to hair, as ammonia and hydrogen peroxide. Its structure includes lipids and керамиды which look after each your hair from within.

Moreover, the protective film which is forming on hair as a result of shielding, will effectively protect your painted locks. Thus, the new hair color will remain much more long and will be bright and saturated. And as with the help shielding it is possible to prevent a hair loss, your hair will be under protection.

Shielding of hair – effective care of your hairShielding of hair

Phytogenesis components, soy protein enter into means for shielding and amino acids which not only do not harm to hair, but also carefully among other components and effectively look after them.

By the way, keep on hair effect from shielding of hair can very long – about six weeks. But happens and so that the protective film disappears from hair in two weeks. Everything depends on features of structure of yours a hair from that as you will look after them. For effect extension you can correctly pick up a hairbrush for hair. After all per day we comb hair any time that can do much harm to your hair if to do it by a hairbrush which does not suit you. And as you will be helped by a hair balsam which you and can prepare. After all is not present than that it is better, than cosmetics prepared by the hands and only with addition of natural components.

Than shielding of hair differs from lamination of hair?

Shielding of hair
Many women confuse such procedures, as lamination and shielding of hair. It is not necessary to do it!

After all and that, and other procedure is directed on formation on your hair of a dense protective film. However the main distinction between them here in what: shielding protects hair from within, shrouding a core of each hair, and lamination is a creation of an external protective cover for hair.

Both these procedures are modern, safe and effective. That is why, if your hair demand especially careful restoration and more reliable protection, your master hairdresser can suggest to combine to you these two procedures. Thus, your fine hair will be covered with a double protective film – outside and from within!

 Voluminous beautiful and well-groomed hair becomes result of use of the latest technologies in the field of care of hair – shielding of hair!

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