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Care of an oily hair

Care of an oily hair
Such type of hair is subject to the active involvement of sebaceous glands that results in lack of volume, shine, ease. Hair become drooped, dim, bound together and dirty already almost in 12 hours. Therefore the Country of Beauty will open all secrets of care of an oily hair.

Reasons: care of an oily hair

Certainly fat there are not hair, and head skin – because of the increased secretion of sebaceous glands. After all grease gland are at all hair a follicle. It seems that it is necessary only to a thicket to wash the head and to use the means, capable to make hair less fat. Such means reduce production of skin fat and, thereby, prevent excessive greasing of hair by it. But at frequent washing sebaceous glands start to work even more actively, and from head skin and hair the protective film is washed away. For a resheniyaety problem it is possible to try to wash hair with parts, for example, only a bang or lateral parts of the head. Care of an oily hair

It is also important to choose a hairdress suitable for an oily hair. It is convenient to have a short hairstyle when hair can be washed up quickly and if to you to liking long hair – make a wave. At a hairdress with ringlets, hair adjoin to head skin, and, therefore, less adjoin to fat head skin less. Before trying to influence work of sebaceous glands, it is necessary to find out the reason of their activity. Probably, it is connected with work of endocrine system, and then cosmetics not to manage: it is necessary to be engaged in the health. If it not problems with health, and genetic feature – is necessary to follow recommendations on the care of an oily hair.

Good advice: care of an oily hair

Care of an oily hair
At an oily hair the great value has a food mode: dairy products, eggs are useful. The food should be vitamin-rich, fresh vegetables, fruit, porridge are recommended. It is necessary to limit, and it is better to exclude the use of animal fats, replacing them with vegetable oils. The quantity of fat food is better for reducing. The use of canned food, salty and hot dishes, spices is not recommended. It is necessary to reduce also the use sweet, coffee, alcohol, fat products, smoked products. Vitamins B and With, and also the vitamin complexes containing iron and sulfur are very useful to you. Sports activities, the pedestrian walks promoting improvement of digestion of fats in an organism are useful.

To dry and set an oily hair it is necessary in extreme cases when it is really necessary. In other cases it is better to allow to dry them without the hair dryer. It is desirable not to resort to laying, make a hairdress to which it is not required.

Home care: care of an oily hair

Use additional leaving in the form of infusions, masks and other good advice of our ancestors.

The mask from an egg yolk and alcohol with water for an oily hair is very available and simple.

  • Alcohol and water take on 1 ч.л. also mix with one yolk, then rub in head skin, and in 10 minutes carefully wash away.
  • Mix on one tablespoon of a camomile, lindens and nettles, fill in with a glass of boiling water and insist 30 minutes, then filter also a kashitsa from black bread. In 15 minutes put a mix on hair, put on a polyethylene hat and leave at 1 o’clock, then wash away in a large amount of warm water.
  • It is very useful to grease before washing an oily hair kefir or curdled milk and to stick for 15-20 minutes a towel. Then carefully to wash out the head shampoo, and at the end to rinse slightly acidified water.
  • One more egg mask: 2 yolks pound from 2 tablespoons of honey, rub in head skin, cover with polyethylene, a towel and go to bed, and wash the head, as usual in the morning.

Care of an oily hair
Use all councils on the care of an oily hair. Try special means for laying of an oily hair which irritate head skin less, other means. It is useful to apply special compresses, an opolaskivaniye to improvement of a type of an oily hair from infusions of herbs and rubbing in of special tinctures in head skin.

Look for new recipes, test on itself and you will surely pick up to yourselves means on the care of an oily hair. And your hair will be live, healthy and elastic!