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Dreadlocks it is fashionable?

Dreadlocks it is fashionable?
Dreadlocks – for what?

Today dreadlocks any more do not surprise anybody it it is simple a hairdress which to you will organize in any beauty salon.

Dreadlocks happen natural and artificial. Natural dreadlocks are formed of own hair and demand from the owners not only leaving (which, by the way, minimum), but also courage. The real dreadlocks it is impossible расплести – them cut off.

So if you are not ready to leave hair and to carry then hairdresses on short hair,  make it is better artificial dreadlocks (on another them still call "safe"). Safe dreadlocks are already ready dreadlocks which fasten to the hair and act in film in 3-4 months without damage to own hair.

Though dreadlocks also look as strongly elf-lock, actually such effect is reached by difficult manipulations. Dreadlocks do not trudge at all, and roll. To do them, of course, it is best of all in salon, at the master. Information on weaving of dreads can be found in the Internet as much as necessary, however all it it is chaotic and inconsistent it is stated. Work on a fulling of dreads in salon will take from you the whole day. After procedure it is impossible to wash the head two weeks, differently all beauty it will be dishevelled. Consider that the fresh, just felted dreadlocks, never happen such strong, as at true Rastas who carry them for years.

How do dreadlocks?

The general technology is as follows: at first hair divide into locks in thickness about a finger, then the master starts in a backcombing of locks and their fulling. When locks are issued, them rub with special wax. After growth of roots dreadlocks correct – tie up at roots in the special way and dump the formed small knot. After the lapse of time hair will twist in dreadlocks, without assistance. Keep in mind that dreadlocks shorten length of hair approximately on a third. Therefore the minimum length of own hair before weaving should make not less than 15 centimeters.

Many consider that dreadlocks are the most ancient on the earth a hairdress which was formed during ancient times when people yet had no habit regularly to wash the head and to comb hair. Hair свивались in колтуны – локи and so dreadlocks were formed.

Dreadlocks were really in a fashion only once – in the sixties, on a wave of popularity of Bob Marley. Then the majority of the American and European salons could offer weaving of exotic ringlets to the clients. Then this fashion abated a little. Now dreadlocks not rarity, but also not daily phenomenon. General hobby by them for a long time it is not observed, as dreadlocks are after all not a fashion and not style. Ethiopian and Jamaican растафари consider that when there will come a doomsday, god Dzha will pull out all Rastas for dreadlocks on the sky. Being primary a part of the religious doctrine, dreadlocks kept this aura and to this day. Even those who carries them  from aspiration to be original, recognize dreadlocks as a part of rasta-culture, but in any way fashionable trend. And to join or not ranks of this culture – to solve to you.

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