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Gray hair – not only a sign of an old age

Gray hair – not only a sign of an old age

Gray hair usually means an old age, but it is characteristic not for all situations. The gray hair can appear both in twenty, and in thirty five years, and not just at elderly people, and on that is a variety of reasons. Our female Internet magazine «Beauty Country» will tell about the reasons of emergence of a gray hair, and also will make some recommendations.

Gray hair – the reasons

If the gray hair appears at advanced age, it and does not cause surprise. And here if it has an effect in the middle age or even earlier, it is necessary to understand by what it is caused.

Heredity or strong stress can become the reasons of an early gray hair. Heredity can cause a posedeniye and in student’s years, and the stress demands separate attention. Strong experiences, a long disturbing condition or strong shock safely be reflected in an organism cannot, and such emotional peak can provoke emergence of an early gray hair. But the gray hair can appear not only as a result of an emotional stress, but also as a result of a painful stress, for example, as a result of a serious illness which was difficult transferred.

Surprisingly, but emergence of a gray hair can depend and on a food. It is necessary to notice that a food appears practically in all problems actual for us connected with health and appearance.

Gray hair – not only a sign of an old age
As always, as malicious heroes strong coffee and alcohol drinks act. The use of these products regularly or in a large number can lead to an early posedeniye of hair. The frequent use in food of fried and very fat food, and also a large amount of various spices and seasonings which differ a sharpness is not less dangerous also. It is necessary to refuse and the frequent use of strong tea as also he can be a provoker. A gray hair can appear and at small amount of vitamins B an organism so nobody cancelled fruit and vegetables.

Gray hair – what to do

If there was the first gray hair, it is not necessary to panic. It is necessary to adjust a little the way of life to prevent fast emergence of other early gray hair.

What for this purpose it is necessary? First, we will address to correctness of our food. The albuminous food is recommended. It, of course, cottage cheese, cheese, haricot, porridge, meat, peas, fish. These products in full should be present at a diet. It is more than fruit and vegetables. It is necessary to pay special attention both to need of vitamins A and In, will not damage also iron. It is necessary to a thicket to use seafood in food, thus it is not necessary to repeat a widespread mistake, ranking half artificial crabsticks as high-grade seafood.

Besides a food head massage is necessary also, only to do it it is necessary not aggressively, and smoothly and softly pressing thumbs of hands head skin. To begin massage it is better from a nape and further roundabouts. Massage and the called diet can be of use kind service and in the absence of a gray hair, after all they warn her.

By no means it is impossible to pull out a gray-haired hair, differently it is possible to injure a hair bulb. Our female magazine considers, if the gray hair already appeared, it is better to paint over it. Now there is a wide choice of the professional hair-dyes which are perfectly coping with this problem. For elderly people at a continuous gray hair of the head it is recommended not to paint at all hair in other colors, and to support a well-groomed type of a gray hair as it gives to solidity.

Julia Borisova

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