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Hair-dye – how to choose?

Hair-dye - how to choose?
How to make a right choice of a hair-dye?

 The lightest paints – ottenochny. Dyes of these preparations do not get in a cheshuyka of a hair, and remain on a surface. The effect of such coloring lasts not for long, usually before the first washing off. It is the best way to begin experiments with hair, after all result if it does not arrange, it can be eliminated with a simple campaign in a shower. Such effect call not coloring and toning.

Ottenochnye balms – more resistant means. They are capable to keep color for the term up to two weeks. Balm is put on hair after washing, keeps 15 minutes, then is washed away. More often as a part of balms various nutrients and vitamins which promote strengthening of hair contain. Balms are good also that after their application the structure of hair does not change.

In order that color was more resistant, as a part of paint there should be an ammonia or hydrogen peroxide. They soften a hair and open it cheshuyka, allowing dye to get inside. Action of such means is on the verge of coloring and toning. At application of skins and the cream, containing 2 % hydrogen peroxide, is painted over about 50 % of a gray hair.

Completely only professional paints with the big content of peroxide of hydrogen (for example professional cosmetics for "Estel" hair) can paint over a gray hair. Application of these means in house conditions is not recommended. First, to reach a desirable shade very difficult, after all only professionals can correctly mix paints to achieve the necessary color. Secondly, the hair painted by such dyes, need special leaving by means of specially developed means. Them also will help  to pick up with hairdressing salons or beauty salons.

Hair-dye – Useful recommendations:

  • Always pay attention to an expiration date. After its expiration the composition of paint can undergo chemical reaction, and its application will lead to unpleasant consequences and damage of hair.
  • Do not paint the weakened, sick hair. Carry out restoring plan of treatment.
  • Always strictly follow the instruction. At derogation from rules, you risk to gain not that color of which dreamed.
  • Study before coloring enclosed to the majority of qualitative paints the scheme. In it it is usually specified, this or that paint is suitable for what natural hair color. It not empty councils. It is impossible by means of one session of coloring from the brunette to turn into the ashy blonde, special procedure – a blondirovaniye for this purpose is required.
  • For coloring of a brittle thin, painful hair it is better to use natural dyes – henna or its versions with a camomile or a sage. Natural dyes contain the substances feeding and strengthening hair.

The hair-dye is an excellent way   to change or recover the habitual image. But it is impossible to treat this procedure thoughtlessly. Coloring demands attention and skilled hands of the professional.

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