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Remedies for a hair loss

Remedies for a hair loss
Remedies for a hair loss

Remedies for a hair loss should treat this horrible disease. Many factors influence a hair loss. Our female magazine will tell you recipes of remedies for a hair loss.

Influence of weather on health of hair

The main thing of subjects in a cool season is the female headdress which is rescue of our hair. If not to wear a cap in colds, the cold promotes narrowing of vessels, violation of blood circulation and violation of a food of hair. In the winter it is desirable to cover hair completely, that is not to leave sticking-out ringlets, tails and plaits as thus hair are considerably dehydrated.

Overcooling of the head leads to destruction of a hair bulb and breaks exchange processes. The unprotected head in frosts – the first step to a fine, brittle, dim and dropping-out hair.

In a cold season of a cap are necessary, without watching at all at hairdress damage. From close and not breathing caps hair can become dim, fragile and секущимися, but additional revitalizing procedures become rescue for them.

Caps, hoods, kerchiefs and many other things protect us not only from overcooling, but also from a rain and snow. The rain and snow in the structure have a set of heavy metals which harmful affect head skin.

To restore forces and health of the hair it is necessary to carry out regular home care of hair by means of various house means which it is possible to prepare independently. So, we offer you means from a vyypadeniye of hair which look after hair structure.

Remedies for a hair loss
Remedies for a hair loss: cognac mask

Cognac – 1 tablespoon.

Onions juice – 4ст.л.

Broth of roots of a burdock – 6 tablespoons.

All components to mix and rub in roots of hair, then to stick hair a plastic bag and a towel, i.e. to make effect of a sauna for hair. Such means is necessary to hold 30 minutes, and then to wash away by means of shampoo for your type of hair. It is possible to apply such remedy for a hair loss 2 times a week.

Remedies for a hair loss: krapivny conditioner

Boiled water – 1 glass

The crushed leaves of a nettle – 2 tablespoons.

It is necessary to fill in leaves of a nettle with boiled water, to cover and wait, while infusion will cool down. Before application it is necessary to add a little hot water and it is possible to rinse hair right after washing by shampoo. Infusion from a nettle will allow to accelerate restoration of forces of hair. Remember, the hair are longer, the more infusion is required.

Stresses, depressions, bad mood – all this feel also your hair for this reason they can drop out. Despite bad mood and vital disorders find time to look after hair, they will be grateful to you and will please you with light, shine and health.

Broth from a field horsetail – the activator of growth of hair

Remedies for a hair loss
Dry field horsetail – 2 tablespoons.

Boiled water – 1 glass

Dry horsetail to fill in with a glass of boiled water and to boil on weak fire of a stake of 30 minutes. The received liquid is necessary for filtering, and then to dilute with hot water to initial volume. This broth is necessary for rubbing in head skin before washing 1 or 2 times a week, especially during the period when have catarrhal diseases. Such broth use even in beauty salons as means on the care of hair.

Mask for elasticity of hair

Yogurt dairy – 6 tablespoons.

Egg – 1 piece.

Necessary components need to be mixed and rubbed in head skin, to warm the head a towel, to take 15 minutes, and then to wash away by means of shampoo. Such mask gives to hair force and charges stability at stressful and disturbing situations.

Mask – brilliant and smooth hair

Sushena a nettle–? glass

Boiled water – 2 glasses

Yolk – 1 piece.

Honey – 1 h. l

Mayonnaise – 1 tablespoon.

For a start we do nettle infusion, having filled in a nettle with boiled water and having taken 30 minutes. Then we mix honey, mayonnaise, a yolk and the received weight we rub in roots of hair, we turn the head a terry towel and we hold 2 hours. In 2 hours hair are good for washing out water, to wash shampoo for the type of hair, and then we rinse with ready infusion of a nettle. 3 times a month, that is 1 time в10 days are desirable to apply a mask.

Remedies for a hair loss: a conditioner from grapefruit

For a conditioner it is necessary to take a peel of one grapefruit, to crush and fill in it with cold boiled water, to leave for days, and then to filter. The received liquid to put on locks and roots hair, in 30 minutes it is possible to comb hair. This conditioner use as medicine, that is, to receive shine and to revitalize hair, it is necessary to use daily within 10 days this recipe.

Remedies for a hair loss: small secrets

Remedies for a hair loss
Combing hair, watch, that they were not extended.

Damage of bulbs of hair to have more often mechanical character, that is bulbs are damaged by hairbrushes and massazhka. Hairbrushes and massazhka should not be sharp, should be intended for your type of hair, should be personal and always pure.

Do not go to bed with wet or damp hair a food of hair, thus, worsens and their growth is slowed down.

With head skin it is necessary to be very accurate, it is impossible to wash hair with hot water and to do excessively vigorous massage.

Hair are better for drying in the natural way but if use the hair dryer, put it on the smallest mode and do not bring very close to hair and head skin.

Try to use less often elastic bands and rough hairpins, give to your hair freedom more often.

So, remedies for a hair loss which we listed above, will help you to get rid of a frequent hair loss.