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Co-voshing – healthy and brilliant hair

Co-voshing - healthy and brilliant hair
Co-voshing – the last development, capable to bring the damaged hair in a healthy and brilliant condition, involved in attention of many
. It and is clear: thanks to development the spoiled and lifeless hair already soon considerably change.

What is to-voshing?

It is known that for the first time this method was "introduced" by the black girls, which hair by nature disobedient. So young ladies to which should "battle" every day for beautiful laying by means of cosmetics and the hair dryer at once added a novelty "to the arsenal".

Co-voshing (co-washing) is translated as «washing by the conditioner» – actually in it and its essence consists. Head skin clarification, improvement of hair occurs at the expense of conditioner use for hair.

Differs from washing by that a certain equipment of a friction and rubbing in is thus used. Experience shows that at regular application of such version of washing, hair become live, obedient, are not subject to a travmirovaniye. Hair add volume, become dense and laying keeps for a long time.

To carry out this procedure, it is possible to apply any conditioners, the main thing that it did not contain silicone. And still: at the moment of conditioner drawing on hair there should not be other means – varnishes, gels, mousses, differently the effect will not be.

And if it would be desirable to use at the same time ukladochny means, and the conditioner, it is better to buy those which structure does not include silicone.

How there passes procedure to-voshing?

Co-voshing - healthy and brilliant hair
Equipment to-voshinga the simple. Our female magazine will acquaint you with procedure equipment to-voshing.

For a start to comb and rinse hair with warm water (it not should be hot). Then to blot hair a towel. After carrying out a preparatory part to pour in a palm of the conditioner and to put it on hair, gradually covering each lock of hair – over and over again.

If it is necessary, it is possible to add still the conditioner. Regularity and course is important.

As a result hair will become covered by a dense layer of the conditioner. But do not hurry to wash away. The most interesting begins: it is necessary to rub the conditioner, doing movements which are similar to shampoo "namylivaniye". Certainly, foam from it is not formed, but nevertheless the discomfort will not be.

In minutes five such "massages" it is possible to wet a few hair, and after to continue procedure. In total it should take not less than ten minutes, then effect it will be more appreciable.

After that it is necessary to wash away the conditioner warm water under a shower. Think, what hair after such "dressing down" will be fat? By no means. If to follow all instructions, hair, on the contrary, become pure as though you used good expensive shampoo.

Last step: to blot and dry hair at first a towel, and then – the hair dryer (not hot air).

Experience shows that after one such procedure hair becomes not only brilliant, but also get appreciable volume.

So can safely be looked in a mirror: reflection will please you. By the way, those who added to the arsenal this method, note that need in frequent washing of hair disappears.

Who is recommended to use this method? That who possesses dry and sensitive head skin. Hair, for certain, will be happy with a novelty, besides, it will allow them will have a rest from different detergents into which structure enters, sometimes, doubtful chemical products.

«On arms» should take also owners of the damaged hair, and also those who often dyes hair (melirovany, kolorirovany the hair), uses hot laying. Well and certainly, at whom quickly become dirty and fat hair who possesses a limp, fine hair.

It should be noted that who with hair has no by nature special problems, it is not necessary to abuse this method, differently it is possible to "go too far" is not in the best way to be reflected in their shine, health and fat content level.

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