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Hair straightening in Tyumen

Hair straightening in Tyumen
Transition to natural conditions of care of hair – very tempting idea, especially in connection with quite low cost. There are such natural means, as treatment by hot oil, coconut milk and honey. However, results of these methods are short-term therefore women prefer other methods of a hair straightening.

Analyzing each method of a hair straightening, weighing advantages and shortcomings, it is possible to make a right choice.

The Country of Beauty will tell our female magazine, how it is possible to make a hair straightening in Tyumen.

Hair straightening in Tyumen by means of silicone cream

Silicone creams were developed to help women to straighten the hair without heat. These creams work for all types of hair and do not change structure of a cuticle of a hair. As a result, your hair will not be damaged, if you choose this option.

Creams with such components as диметикон or циклометикон, should be applied on damp hair to give the best effect. The effect of these creams usually lasts before washing of hair. The hair straightening in Tyumen by means of silicone cream is a pretty popular method today.

Hair straightening in Tyumen with the help an utyuzhka

Irons became rather inexpensive tool for a hair straightening. This method is more destructive, than some methods because it causes cracks in a hair cuticle. Simple smoothing of hair is considered less dangerous, than a chemical hair straightening.

Aerosol use for thermal protection can help, but not eliminate damage. Means of thermal protection which contain the hydrolyzed wheaten protein – полисилоксан copolymer, are recommended for reduction of cracks.

Hair straightening in Tyumen – the Brazilian method

This method acquired great popularity. It is connected with that it uses protein of a keratin and it is considered useful to hair as provides with it silky shine. Nevertheless, in this method the high content of formaldehyde is revealed, and it bears potential risk for health. If such procedure professional beauty salons carried out Tyumen, the effect can last about three months.

It is worth to remember and about a relaxation of hair. This method is the most effective, and also the most destructive method of a hair straightening. As in this case caustic chemical is used to straighten hair. There are some risks therefore treatment is carried out in professional salon. Nevertheless, beautiful hair, as a rule, become dry and fragile and restoration of their health is very inconvenient.

Hair straightening in Tyumen – a Japanese method

This method is very similar to a relaxation of hair, but it is considered less severe. Its result lasts about six months. Nevertheless, it is quite expensive method that pushes away many women from attempts or treatment continuation. In a usage time of this method damage of hair still the very considerable.

Choose the method of a hair straightening in Tyumen!

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