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Наномакс – a secret of unique beauty of your hair

Наномакс - a secret of unique beauty of your hair
To achieve a perfect condition of hair for many women it seems impossible. It is good, if treatment of dry hair or clarification of an oily hair simply is required: here correctly picked up shampoo most likely will consult. But what to do, if hair besides lost shine and became fragile? And how to get rid from секущихся the ends? To return them beauty, force and health will help наномакс – professional cosmetics for hair.

Get acquainted, наномакс!

Наномакс is an innovative product on the care of hair which by right deserved a rank of the cleverest cosmetics for hair. The professional system наномакс represents complex care of the damaged hair and protection against harmful conditions of environment. Your head of hear demands protection even from a usual wind and what to tell about such invariable subject of a morning toilet as an utyuzhok! It does enormous harm to your hair, doing their structure more and more weak. And how many such factors daily negatively influence our hair!

And therefore our purpose to restore already damaged structure of a hair to return to hair the general healthy condition and to provide the guaranteed leaving and protection every day. The assistant on a way to a perfect condition of hair also should become наномакс. From a being formed aerosol cloud of a nanoemulsion, by means of nanomolecules it is capable to get into the deepest layers of a hair and from within to restore the damaged sites.

Наномакс: wonderful influence options

The professional system наномакс offers a large quantity of possible options of the help to the hair. We suggest you to get acquainted with some of them.

Technologies for a hair reconstruction

Here all devices are developed on the basis of nanotechnologies in the field of beauty of hair and equipped with nanoparticles.

1. Nanokeratin

It is the main device on the care of hair. Into its set enters: a support for the compressor and brushes from organic glass, a microsystem (the battery, the adapter, the compressor), capsules for a liquid emulsion (3D Shine, 3D Shine Fine Hair and Color Lock). The device of Nanomaks joins them with flexible hoses.

2. Special brushes Bigkheyr

One flat brush and brushes-brashing of 5 various diameters. During laying the expert uses a flat brush with the put means of Intensiv, Repeyr, Rekstor and Gidreyt.

Now we will talk about means of system наномакс.
– 3D Shine. Allows to create three-dimensional mirror shine to your hair, to return them a natural look and to improve their structure.

– Color Lock. The technology of this means is intended for coloring of hair. The put Kolorlok after procedure will help you to keep the acquired color for a long time.

Procedures наномакс

Procedures on the care of hair наномакс are various and differ on duration. So, for example, restoration of internal structure of your hair will borrow from 25 to 50 minutes depending on length and type of hair. And here on procedure on improvement of their appearance only 10-20 minutes will leave.

To try magic impact of procedures of system наномакс on your hair it is possible in beauty salons of Saratov. Our portal about beauty is sure: masters specializing on this cosmetics will present new life not only to your hair, but also their owner. Your hair will shine, and you – to feel confidence of own beauty and irresistibility!

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