The most fashionable shades of hair 2013. Naturalness and naturalness – here the main motto of come 2013 | Hair Health and Beauty 

The most fashionable shades of hair 2013. Naturalness and naturalness – here the main motto of come 2013

The most fashionable shades of hair 2013. Naturalness and naturalness – here the main motto of come 2013
Certainly, not everything has the luck to be owners of brilliant well-groomed hair of a natural shade. But it is not necessary to be upset, as stylists prepared for us an excellent gift – the maximum naturalness can achieve now, playing flowers. If fashionable coloring would rest only against naturalness, you see, it it was boring. To Omra, деграде and бронд will add a highlight in your image.

What exactly disappears under this fashionable coloring of hair we found out from stylists of a beauty salon of "Studio" and here that they told us: деграде or 3D the effect is a smooth transition from roots of hair to tips, combining light and dark shades. Color thus can be the most various, natural with the shown-up or blacked-out ends. To Ombra is so-called двусторонне fashionable coloring with dim borders, with use of most approached to natural shades. Merge of the English words brown (brown) and blond (blond) showed to the world the modern concept "brond". The main thing ruled brondirovaniye are deepenings of color from the ends to roots which gives effect of the burned-out hair that looks very sexually. Besides new the technician in fashionable coloring of long and short hair in this season the melirovaniye and a kolorirovaniye of hair is still actual. Here it is safely possible to choose such colors as, pink, violet, dark blue and orange. But it is not obligatory to paint locks on all head, it is possible to try to experiment only on a bang.

Fashionable coloring is not only омбре, деграде and бронд, but also the color palette, and it in a season 2013 represents spring-summer the following picture:

  • At popularity peak, undoubtedly, there is a red color, but it this year not shouting, and most likely cold with the bright patches of light which are naturally playing on the sun. The special place in a red palette is allocated for chestnut color.

  • Black color this year fades into the background. Here brunettes can advise to pass to such fashionable colors in 2013 as chocolate, coffee with milk and color of zhzheny caramel.

  • Blondes should forget about such shades as ashy and brightly white, in this season fashionably approached to natural color wheaten and linen shades.

Despite of everything the main hit this year is, certainly, shine. What owners of a hair color you would not be, your hair are simply obliged to shine health. So, especially actual will use coloring shampoos which will allow your hair to keep color and shine most long.

You would not choose what fashionable coloring of hair, remember that your hair need not only coloring, but also in everyday leaving. Therefore do not forget to use balms and masks for the painted and damaged hair and "shine" to itself on health!


Fashionable observer of the Country of Beauty,
the curator of the project «Change with the Beauty Country»
Alyona Kuznetsova