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Treatment of hair: I want healthy hair!

Treatment of hair: I want healthy hair!
Treatment of hair is an extreme method
. It is better to kill a problem in a germ and not to wait that moment when serious treatment can be necessary for your hair.

In this article of our female magazine we will tell you about several secrets of treatment of hair which will help you to eliminate the arisen problems.

Treatment of hair: identification and elimination of problems

If your hair became dry and fragile, the best way out is an intensive moistening, by means of special means. You perfectly will accept preparations with natural oils and seaweed. After washing of hair surely use softening conditioner.

Painting hair, choose sparing methods, carefully choose a hair-dye that then it was not necessary to treat intensively beautifully painted, but lifeless hair. Your main assistants – moistening means and means for laying giving volume.

Light serum without effect of rigid fixing will be ideally suited for hair dressing – it will keep volume of hair and will not give them effect of "pasting". As it is necessary to pay attention to means with pantenoly, they perfectly feed, humidify hair and give them volume.

Treatment of hair: consultation of experts

Treatment of hair: I want healthy hair!
If your hair very thin, you accept lamination – as treatment of hair. An essence of this procedure that cover each hair with transparent means and place in a thin film which increases intensity of shine. Lamination perfectly protects from sunshine and harmful effects, keeping their health.

If hair секутся on tips, for a start follows them обстричь. If there is no possibility to get to the expert in a beauty salon, use means with cosmetic silicone, amino acids and natural oils. Regularly feed and humidify hair with preparations with a protein, minerals and lipids, they will make your hair strong and elastic.

If your hair dim, you as can be helped by lamination. Solve this problem the styling can also. Try to use varnishes and the sprays, adding shine to hair. Apply serums and conditioners with camomile and henna extract, vitamins and oil jojoba.

To avoid dimness of hair, it is necessary to protect them from harmful effects of environment. In it you will be helped by means with UV-filters, balms neutralized influences of harmful substances with water. Painting hair use paint without ammonia.

If hair drop out, the main thing do not panic. The norm for any person is loss from 50 to 150 hair in day. The number can increase or decrease depending on seasonality, mood and health. In this case the mask пантенол with pleasure will come to the rescue of you.

In general пантенол, improbably universal remedy which has useful effect on hair and head skin, and helps with fight against a hair loss. At an excessive hair loss follows will address to the doctor трихологу.

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