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Biolamination of hair in Miass

Biolamination of hair in Miass
Biolamination of hair in Miass

Why we laminate important documents which often we use – the insurance certificate, the admission for work, the certificate, the ticket? In order that at so frequent use to keep these important documents in a primordial form.

The thin protective film reliably covers our documents, and we can be quiet for their safety.

Amazingly, but the effect of lamination is applicable and to our hair. Japanese achieved it, having thought over and having created procedure of biolamination of hair on the basis of physics laws.

How physics laws in beauty salons operate?

Our hair have a positive charge. And means for biolamination of hair is charged negatively. Now we glance over in the head a school course of physics and we remember that raznoimenno the charged particles are drawn.

Thus means for biolamination keeps on your hair. It envelops each hair the thinnest protective film, without getting into structure of a hair and without destroying it as it is done by chemical hair preparations.

Biolamination of hair in Miass – instant protection

Procedure of biolamination not only protects your hair from negative impact of environment, but also does them stronger. That protective film solders секущиеся tips, does hair thicker, and, therefore, a hairdress is more volume. This protective layer adds to your hairdress to 10 % of volume.

That is why masters of beauty salons in Miass recommend to do biolamination, first of all, on thin, weakened and секущихся hair. They become stronger, stronger, is more volume.

Means for biolamination will pacify disobedient ringlets, having made them more obedient. And the smooth surface of this wonderful means will make any hair brilliant, as a mirror.

But there is more to come. Means for biolamination will paint your hair in desirable color. And after all we remember that this means does not get into structure of a hair and does not damage it. Means it is possible to forget about chemical hair-dyes which mercilessly destroyed your hair.

You can choose any of 20 available shades. In the course of biolamination the painting pigment envelops each hair together with a protective film. The effect from such coloring keeps much more long – not less than a month.

As soon as paint will start to be washed away, we can safely repeat procedure and can repeat it so often, as you wish – to hair it will not damage. Hair do not get oversaturated means for biolamination as they take it exactly so much, how many can accept.

Biolamination of hair in Miass – salon or house procedure

Procedure of biolamination is quite simple, takes no more than an hour and can be made independently in house conditions – sets for biolamination and coloring of hair are on sale in specialized shops.

However it is better to entrust the hair to experts and to make this procedure in a beauty salon. Masters of beauty salons pass biolaminations special a course in Miass and receive the certificate on the right to carry out such procedures. Therefore, doing salonny biolamination, you can be sure that your hair are in hands of the professional.

Make biolamination and receive hair of your dream!