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How to grow long hair. The mask recipe with Dimeksid

How to grow long hair. The mask recipe with Dimeksid
To grow long hair – a feasible task for those who is adjusted to apply small, but regular efforts. If the quantity of hair bulbs – size set genetically, their activity can change under the influence of favorable or harmful factors.

Certainly, there are cases when without the recommendation of the expert it is difficult to manage! But the majority of women is known nevertheless by the hair rather well and independently look after them.

What to do, that hair grew quicker? Growth of hair amplifies, when we influence hair bulbs, we awaken "sleeping", we feed and we strengthen the active.

Growing hair, it is necessary to wash, dry, feed them duly. You, of course, wash hair with the best means which are available, sometimes rinse with broth of herbs or water with lemon juice? It’s cool! Blot locks accurately, let superfluous moisture will be absorbed in a towel. Do not comb wet hair so you will save them from fragility.

The best way to dry up hair – to bend so that the head was below heart level, and hands were engaged in a light massage of head skin. Blood inflow to hair bulbs in this case amplifies, and, means, their activity.

Any masks for rapid growth of hair are put only on pure hair! The task – to deliver to roots a maximum of nutrients, instead of a city and household dust, chemical components of varnishes and so forth.

Observe a measure. The overfed hair are also unhealthy, as the overfed person. One-two time a week – frequency of drawing of masks is quite sufficient. Alternate active masks to long ago darlings kefiric. Labor input of washing of a bathroom and laziness can be of use to you good service – you will not spoil hair and head skin excessive leaving.

Estimate degree of sensitivity of the skin before putting burning means – mustard, red pepper. Someone keeps the same structures on hair for hours, and others cannot bear and ten-minute burning. Exists not extreme, but the effective recipe to accelerate growth of hair. The unique rigid requirement – observance of the correct proportions.

The mask recipe for the accelerated growth of a hair with Dimeksid

5 main components mix up in equal parts: castor oil, repeyny oil, oil solution of vitamin E, oil solution of vitamin A, Dimeksid.

For the first time try to take on 1 teaspoon of each component. By means of a brush put a mix on roots of hair on hair partings. Put on a hat for a shower, a towel and support heat from 30 minutes to hour. Listen to feelings: burnings should not be, unless some heat.

The mask is washed away by shampoo for 1-2 times. It is possible to apply your usual balm or to rinse hair how you got used.

What does this mask with Dimeksid such effective? About properties of four of a heel of components you наслышаны. And Dimeksid is a cheap chemist’s means with a pungent caustic smell. Dimeksid promotes penetration of useful substances into skin. Caution: not dissolved Dimeksid causes a skin peeling! For neutralization of a smell drip in a mix essential oil (rosemary or not roles).

Be accurate in dosages. Also be beautiful! Look still masks for hair in house conditions.