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Natural dyes for hair – beauty without chemistry!

Natural dyes for hair – beauty without chemistry!
The mother – the nature granted us excellent alternative to paint, that is natural dyes of hair. They are rather popular among women: henna, басма, tea, onions peel, coffee. These dyes for hair are absolutely safe and improbably useful to hair because they excellently strengthen them, add them health and fill with life.

Natural dyes for hair – beauty without chemistry!

Henna, басма are extremely widespread natural dyes for hair. Their favorable impact on hair essentially, and application of the house does not represent special work, but to know features and subtleties of process of coloring it is necessary. For this purpose our female Internet the magazine prepared for you the small review and short operating instructions of natural dyes for hair in house conditions.

Natural dyes for hair: her Excellency – the Mrs. Henna

Natural dyes for hair – beauty without chemistry!
Hair which are painted by henna, become brilliant. Henna intensifies growth of hair, stops a hair loss, reduces dandruff development.

  • Before the first use of henna consider that the hair of light tones painted only by henna, find saturated carrot color. It that apply henna generally to dark hair speaks.

  • Intensity of effect of henna on hair is caused by its freshness. Than henna is fresher, that will paint hair rather.

  • On a fair hair there is more intensive shade, and here on tone of black hair henna almost will not work. To give to such hair a red shade, they are necessary for clarifying previously hydrogen peroxide.

  • To give to dark hair of soft structure a coffee shade, it is necessary to make dense solution of henna and to hold it on hair not less than one and a half hours.

  • And it is necessary to soften a hard hair previously. In forty grams of peroxide water childbirth adds five drops of liquid ammonia, a tea spoon of liquid soap. A mix намачивают hair, also put henna approximately half an hour later. These recipes are suitable for giving of red shades to hair.

Natural dyes for hair: henna + басма =???

Natural dyes for hair – beauty without chemistry!
If you wish to find quieter and natural hair color, henna needs to be applied in mixture from the basmy. Coloring by these two dyes can be made for hair by two methods: consistently one for the second or previously having mixed both dyes. Results will be approximately identical, however it is better to apply consistently henna and басму as it is so simpler to supervise procedure. Changing a ratio басмы and henna, duration of their influence, then it is possible to get the most various hair color: from light shades to black color. It is important that after such coloring hair possess a natural look.

Results of hair-dyeing basmy and henna cause the following factors:

  • Natural hair color which is subject to coloring.

  • Preparatory process of hair before coloring, a method of their washing and drying.

  • Natural dyes for hair – beauty without chemistry!
    Structure of hair: their direct thickness, level of dryness and other personal special lines. A fine, gentle and dry hair gives in to coloring much easier, rather than dense and rigid. Hair which were decoloured by hydrogen peroxide, and also hair on which the chemical wave or a carving of hair was made much rather are painted.

  • Quality of applied natural dyes for hair. Than henna and басма fresh, that rather they will paint over hair.

  • Temperature of that water in which the kashitsa басмы both henna, and temperature of that kashitsa which was put already directly on hair was prepared. Than dye is colder, that more slowly it will paint hair.

  • Duration of effect of paint directly on hair. Than the mix is on hair more long, according to those more intensively they are painted over.

  • Harmony in which powders басмы and henna mix up.

Natural dyes for hair: coloring process

Natural dyes for hair – beauty without chemistry!
After the prepared mix is put on hair, it is necessary to cover them with pergament paper or polyethylene, and over it to tie a terry towel. It becomes in order that the mix did not cool down, and moisture did not evaporate. All this, in turn, promotes normal course of coloring of hair. Time of keeping of natural paint on the head is caused by a structure of hair, their initial color and a shade which you expect to receive. Then hair need to be washed out warm water, however the Country of Beauty of Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug-Yugra does not recommend to use thus shampoo to fix the received color. To wash hair in the usual way it is possible only the next days.

So, if you want to get rid of a gray hair, to treat hair and head skin, to change and thus to save, then use natural dyes for hair. Be irresistible and attractive!