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Useful hair-oil

Useful hair-oil
Beauties of the Mediterranean are famous for the magnificent hair. The secret of beauty of hair of the southern beauties is covered in olive oil, which women of the countries of the Mediterranean умащивают the locks already many centuries. Our female magazine is ready to share with you in the way of preparation of olive oil and other recipes of useful hair-oil. By means of these recipes you can carry out fine home care of hair.

Olive oil for hair.

Olive oil deeply feeds, humidifies and strengthens hair. To apply olive oil it is very simple – heat up in a microwave some spoons of oil of an olive of a cold extraction to pleasantly warm temperature, grease with it hair, rub oil in roots of hair, wrap up the head with a film and a towel and take oil on hair about two hours. To wash out oil from hair it is necessary the water acidified by a lemon.

Repeynoye hair-oil.

What only useful effect repeyny oil does not differ. They can cure dandruff, to stop even nested baldness, to strengthen hair and to return them vital force, to make ringlets humidified, elastic, brilliant … To prepare house repeyny hair-oil it is very simple – it is necessary for you to buy a pack of dry rhizomes of a burdock, to crush them and to fill in with a half of liter of vegetable oil, to draw rhizomes two weeks are necessary. In two weeks oil filter and use as usual hair-oil. A little advice – draw burdock rhizomes on olive oil so you connect force of olive oil and a burdock.

Almond hair-oil.

Almond oil is ideally suited for care of a dry and brittle hair which lost force and elasticity. We suggest you to connect a burdock and almonds oil in our recipe. For preparation of almond oil it is necessary to take 100 гр the crushed rhizomes of a burdock and to fill in 200 гр almond oil which is on sale in shops. it is necessary to insist days, then with rhizomes it is necessary to boil thoroughly oil on small fire about 15 minutes, let’s to it cool down and properly to wring out. With ready self-made curative almond oil grease hair before each washing for hour.

Honey hair-oil.

Curative properties of honey are known long since, it widely use for care both of skin and of hair. Honey deeply gets into hair structure, feeds, humidifies, treats, is an antidandruff preparation and stops loss. To prepare house honey hair-oil it is very simple – it is necessary to take a spoon of natural honey, to add in honey two spoons of camphoric oil and a spoon of lemon juice. This mix rub in hair three times a week before washing.

And at last little advice: after oil procedures for hair it is very useful to rub the following solution in hair – it is necessary to mix a half of a spoon of mustard, a yolk and 15 drops аэвита and to rub structure in hair.

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