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Biowave in Rostov-on-Don

Biowave in Rostov-on-Don
We, women, creations the extremely inconsistent: in the winter we would like bathing in the warm sea, summer of New Year’s magic; staying alone, we drearily dream of a family with full confidence that the love will save the world, and, having married, secretly we think of that, as though to slip away from the husband and children that one to wander on shops.

Biowave in Rostov-on-Don

Our unpredictability did not avoid also our hair. Curly young ladies violently straighten the curls, achieving from them strict straightforwardness. And owners of a straight hair spend a great lot of time, forces and money for that curled ringlets kept as it is possible more long.

Whether and always our hair are capable to sustain our discrepancy and unpredictability which pours out in such here experiments? Whether harm to them infinite straightening twisting? Let’s understand all this together with the female magazine.

Biowave in Rostov-on-Don

Let curly girls do not take offense – article is intended to those who only dreams to join of them ranks. It appears, there is such method which twists hair, without damaging them.

Modern hairdresser’s art suggests girls dreaming of curls sparing way to realize their dream – a biowave which exists more than 10 years on the hairdresser’s arena and managed to win to itself glory at a set now curly fans of our city. The biowave in Rostov-on-Don is offered by the majority of beauty salons.

Certainly, for the benefit of our straight hair worked not only hairdressers, but also chemists, and technologists. The unique method of a wave as a result turned out – in it biological protein – цистин is used. Feature of this unique substance that on structure it is related to the natural protein containing in our hair.

As a result of such wave hair remain live, healthy, brilliant because the biowave does not destroy hair structure.

Also clear advantage of a biowave before a usual chemical wave is that hair can be painted right after twisting procedure.

During a biowave hair are filled tsistiny, then protein in hair becomes dense then the master puts a special equalizer which provides to curled hair the comfortable sour environment on hair.

You can choose any one size of ringlets – small, average or large, and can show the unpredictability identity, having pro-experimented all sizes at the same time. Such wave will look naughty and the most natural.

Such curls from 3 to 9 months keep, and will be gradually untwisted. Frequency of a biowave – 2 times a year.

Biowave in Rostov-on-Don: leaving

To look after hair after a biowave very simply, using for washing a special series on the care of a curly hair, and for drying of hair – the hair dryer with a diffuzorny nozzle for maintenance of your naughty ringlets.

And if your unpredictability again takes up over you, and you, натешившись curls, drearily remember the ideally straight hair, can straighten without problems the curls twirled by a biowave by means of special an utyuzhka for hair. In total for you, lovely inconsistent creatures!

The biowave in Rostov-on-Don can be made in one of beauty salons.

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