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Hair extension in Surgut – technicians and features

Hair extension in Surgut – technicians and features
The hair extension Surgut is one of few innovations in the industry of beauty of hair which appeared in the last fiftieth anniversary. If were popular earlier and technologies of a permanent wave and various coloring of hair were in demand, already now more than ever earlier long hair cause associations with beauty of women, and to find them it is possible by means of a hair extension.

Hair extension in Surgut – technicians and features

The hair extension is available in the majority of beauty salons of Surgut and hairdressing salons of Surgut, it gives mass of variations of realization of ideas of hairdresses, as for the client, and the master. Earlier to increase hair presumed only stars of Hollywood and public people. Today any woman can use this possibility practically.

What is the hair extension?

Hair extension in Surgut – technicians and features
The hair extension is that other, as the actual accession to hair of the client of donor locks. Thanks to hair extension procedure in Surgut the client has a possibility in only some hours to change not only an image and style, length and volume, but also a hair color.

Hair extension probably cardinally to change a hairstyle silhouette, the ends of a hairstyle to make equal and dense. The composition will make effect of a fantasy kolorirovaniye which will not be washed away over time of locks of various shades and locks of unusual scale. As original addition of your hairdress locks with beads, pastes and feathers will serve.

Technicians of a hair extension

There are some ways of a hair extension: a hardware hair extension in the hot way, sewing of a tressirovanny hair, a hair extension by means of special rings, a microhair extension.

Hardware hair extension in the hot way

One of the technician of a hot hair extension Surgut – the Italian technology. For such building by an initial material the most quality hair (as a rule, it it is Slavic or European) which have training preliminary factory preparation on which locks the material a keratin being a basis of process is put serve. It is required about 100-130 (but not less than 80) the locks fastened by a special clip to edges heated up previously (the temperature of edges is absolutely harmless to a natural hair), the keratin is kindled on the prepared lock. After pitch reaches the necessary consistence, the master forms a flat capsule which will assume an air of the flat plate which has been absolutely hidden by hair after cooling of it.

In the course of combing of hair the keratin does not collapse and does not deliver for this purpose any obstacles. The hairdress does not need correction approximately within 5-6 months. According to experts, today better the Italian technology of a hair extension is not present in the world.

Hair extension a method тресс or an Afro-hair extension on a plait

Hair extension in Surgut – technicians and features
Тресс is an unprofitable lock from the artificial or natural hair, intended for the building, the fastened strip of the fabric, had training manual or machine preparation. Great demand in technologies of building use трессы, made manually, in connection with higher quality, accuracy of selection of width and a shade of unprofitable locks. The Dany technology of a hair extension in Surgut assumes weaving of very thin plaits in areas of building, with the subsequent sewing so-called трессов. Tressa are absolutely imperceptible, places of their attachment completely cover natural hair. The necessary length of hair is created at the expense of sewing трессов lengthways on all length of the head.

This equipment – ideal option for those who wants to receive except length also volume! Afro-building or a hair extension a method тресс is famous, as the safest method for natural hair thanks to absence of thermal or glutinous connection. Other important advantage of equipment is stability of connection to various external influences (laying, washing and an opolaskivaniye of hair, coloring and others). Correction should be carried out with periodicity – 1 time in 1-2 months, it is connected with growth rate of natural hair. Practically the number of repetitions of use of unprofitable locks is not limited.

Hair extension on rings

The principle of a hair extension is similar to hot building on keratinovy capsules, difference consists in use not a keratin, and metallo-plastic rings which happen different in the size and color. Such rings manually to a donor lock by means of special nippers without a warming up fasten. The hairdress needs correction once in 2-3 months!

Hair extension in Surgut – technicians and features

Microbuilding is a "jeweler" method of building: to your hair very thin locks fasten a colourless keratin. To anybody and never the thought will creep in that hair increased, are absolutely invisible to a lock.

Our female – the Internet the magazine wants to pay your attention that correction of hair in comparison with initial building borrows much more time. The procedure essence that the master removes all locks, a field of that anew forms capsules (if it is demanded by technology of building). After removal of all locks they are anew increased.


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