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House masks for growth of hair

House masks for growth of hair
Long hair always were considered as a sign of beauty of their owner. The beauty of our great-grandmothers was defined by length and thickness of a plait. With it they were helped by house masks for growth of hair. The emancipated 20 eyelids introduced the amendments in concept of female beauty, having truncated female hair till length of a man’s hairstyle. And, even, despite it, beautiful long hair and remain to this day at popularity peak.

House masks for growth of hair

Not each woman can brag of such treasure, as long healthy hair. Some owners of short hairstyles cannot simply grow beautiful long hair. Growth of hair depends on a set of factors – from genetics, from health of their owner, from quality of a hairstyle and even from power of the hairdresser.

The reasons of slow growth of hair at each woman the, and here recommendations universal, the general – masks for hair from natural components. We do them together with the Female Magazine: house masks for growth of hair.

Probably, there is no need to say that when using any mask the head becomes covered by polyethylene and a warm towel for effect strengthening, and hair then are carefully washed out by water and shampoo.

House masks for growth of hair: structure

– The most popular mask for growth of hair – a mask from castor oil which is warmed up to room temperature on a water bath and is put on roots of hair. Warm, House masks for growth of hair
resemble so about an hour and carefully wash away.

– Quite well feeds hair and stimulates their growth a beer mask. A beer half-glass (it is better nonalcoholic, and will approach beer yeast even more) mix with two proteins and put on hair. Hour will be enough that your hair managed to benefit from this mix.

– One more mask on the basis of yeast, already the usual – 50 grams of yeast it is stirred in 3 tablespoons of pepper tincture and we put on head roots approximately on half an hour. This mask is good that pepper brandy makes active hair lukovichka that, in turn, stimulates growth of hair.

– Also positively influences hair bulbs and a mustard mask. Mix pair of pinches of mustard with hot water and castor, repeyny or olive oil, add an egg yolk. This mix can cause burning therefore it is for a start quite good to test it on an elbow bend. The mask is put on roots of hair and keeps 15-20 minutes.

– It is possible to mix the onions crushed in a blender with honey. Thus honey should be in 4 times more. On hair such mask is maintained no more than 20 minutes

– Speaking about onions, it is necessary to mention such excellent means for growth and strengthening of hair as onions peel, but it will suit only to brunettes and red-haired women as possesses a painting pigment. Make a peel from calculation 100г. on liter of water and carefully rub the cooled-down filtered mix in head skin, having warmed the head, resemble about an hour. Broth of an onions peel can be not washed away, but do not do this mask before appointment or interview.

– One more is remarkable means for growth of hair – a mask on the basis of cognac. In equal proportions mix cognac, honey and aloe juice, add an egg yolk and put a mix on hair, having evenly distributed it on all their length. Wash away in hour.

And still the female magazine advises to carry out such procedure as lamination of hair.

House masks for growth of hair, of course, are not panacea, but considerably will accelerate achievement of your purpose – possession long and to beautiful hair!

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