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Prevention and treatment of dandruff

Prevention and treatment of dandruff
It is known that the fungus which "lives" on head skin, under conditions favorable for it starts to breed, becomes more active. And it conducts to emergence of dandruff.

Experts note that distribution of a fungus is provoked by a stress, improper feeding, adverse ecology, reception of hormonal preparations, etc.

Our female magazine will tell about how to get rid of dandruff.

Dandruff treatment: we define its look

Many commercials tell about advantage of this or that production which is capable to solve a problem once and for all.

However in practice it not so – dandruff disappears, but for a while. After all it appears from within head skin, and in the absence of due treatment even after wonderful shampoo use it is capable to appear again. So, dandruff treatment – long and difficult process.

For a start it is necessary to be defined, which dandruff delivers inconvenience. Exists dry and fat.

Dry dandruff "lodges" on dry head skin is a consequence of insufficient moistening. The lack of skin fat is observed, thus cages share quickly therefore the died-off parts accumulate on a head surface. There is an itch, hair become fragile, lose shine.

Fat dandruff lodges on fat head skin. In this case it is not showered, instead sticks together in flakes, hair look fat. Head skin suffers, is scratched, even can redden.

Treatment both internal, and external is necessary. Various ointments, lotions (by the way to get them it is necessary in a drugstore) will be suitable for external treatment.

Dandruff treatment: step by step

Prevention and treatment of dandruff
It is necessary to approach to a choice of special shampoo attentively. If in structure are registered дисульфит selenium, октопирод and salicylic acid, shampoo will help to remove dandruff, but will not eradicate the main problem – a skin fungus.

Tar entering into its structure and sulfur help to delete old cages so «foamy means» can be applied at the first stage of fight against dandruff. One of the most effective means – циклопирокс, it possesses anti-inflammatory properties therefore shampoo into which structure it is included, is today one of the most effective in fight against «a snow scattering».

The expert should select treatment of dandruff, of course, only, he distinguishes a type of a disease of head skin and appoints necessary preparations.

Trying to get rid of the dandruff, many resort to traditional medicine. So that to get rid of fat dandruff, our great-grandmothers recommended to do masks for hair in house conditions of nettle leaves, procedure to carry out at least three times a week.

At dry dandruff to a course there are onions, and also burdock roots. Masks from natural components are put shortly before head washing.

Depending on a hair color it is possible to pick up the recipe of natural means for disposal of dandruff. For owners of chestnut hair it is recommended to use broth or infusion from an onions peel, for blondes and brunettes – tar soap.

How to avoid emergence of dandruff? On sale there is a wide choice of various shampoos which have preventive properties, but it is important that to apply them it is impossible too often – not more often than once a week.

Highly the condition of hair is affected by essential oils which also are able «on a root» to prevent a problem. Oils of an eucalyptus, rosemary, a cedar, a lavender, oil of a tea tree are recommended.

Besides, it is necessary to show consideration for purity of your headdresses. So, dandruff can appear because the head put on a cap, nestiranny from last year.

Carefully select styling sprays: for fat it is recommended to use as little as possible ukladochny means, for dry – to use more dense cream or wax.

Observance of these simple rules, will allow to keep for a long time beautiful, well-groomed, brilliant hair. Believe, it is that costs!

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