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What hairdresses fashionable in 2013

What hairdresses fashionable in 2013
Hairdresses, fashionable in the spring and summer of 2013
, not so difficult in workmanship. But into the forefront in this season there is a condition and quality of hair, instead of their laying and color. The healthy, smooth and humidified hair are today a trend! That it is necessary to do, that your hair were such, will tell our female Internet magazine.

What hairdresses fashionable in 2013

Salonny care of hair at the heart of which deep moisturizing lies is the simplest way to beautiful hair of which each of us dreams. Whether it is possible to achieve such result in house conditions? For this role strengthening shampoos and conditioners with moistening component quite will approach. That your hair were beautiful and healthy, daily accept multivitamins C minerals, zinc and biooozes is best of all. Buy hairbrushes and shchyotka for hair of high quality, without sharp plastic or metal cloves. Sharp teeths – one of the main reasons for emergence of secheny hair.

Head skin, as well as face skin, needs peeling procedure. Mass it daily within two minutes – either a special brush, or small pillows of fingers.

What hairdresses fashionable in 2013
Do not lose the urgency in this season of a plait and various weaving. Meet only unique condition – the plait surely should be free and slightly negligent. You are occupied at office? Go on a party in the evening? Such image will be pertinent everywhere. In 2012-2013 long, curled hair will be, more than ever, fashionable. They especially well look on cascade hairstyles.

What hairdresses fashionable in 2013
Remember only the main rule: hairdresses with long hair which are laid by large waves or ringlets, should have accurate hair parting and easy volume at roots of hair. The volume is created by means of a pile. It is more than to give to hair volume, cunning drying is necessary. At first collect hair in a forward part of the head in a bunch and dry up the hair dryer back bottom locks. Then dismiss a bunch, lift up the formed tail and direct a current of air on roots. Now throw hair at first on one party and dry roots the hair dryer. Then on another – and too dry up. Few times in a week give the chance to hair to dry a natural way. Hot air causes damages. And still: use a hairbrush with a rare teeth.

Pay attention to accessories for hair. They can be any, but the plait in which the tape is twisted especially beautifully looks.

What hairdresses fashionable in 2013
Still it is desirable to emphasize a structure of hair. For this purpose during coloring ask the stylist to add some chaotic patches of light on pair of tones is more light or is more dark than primary color of hair. You can achieve effect of the hair which have burned out on the sun independently. For this purpose distribute on all hair the chosen shade. And then on tips – clarifying paint directly atop earlier put.

Following actual tendencies, do not forget the main rule: whatever fashionable was the hairdress, she, first of all, should you go and emphasize advantages. So, asymmetry use in a hairstyle removes accent from a roundish shape of a face, and soft lines of ringlets and the rounded corners will help young ladies with a square shape of a face. Also remember: naturalness is such trend which never gets out of fashion.

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