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Features of care of hair in the megalopolis

Features of care of hair in the megalopolis
Folk remedies with which there is no time used our ancestors and to this day are effective, but because of a catastrophic lack of time, we have no possibility daily to prepare for itself miracle medicines. And to look after hair it is necessary every day, beginning from the correct washing of the head and finishing drawing of protective equipment.

Thanks to appeared production of the Italian Helen Seward brand now and in the Russian market to care of the hair it became simpler and more effective. In Helen Seward laboratory special programs for all types of hair were developed. Allocate four main types: normal, dry, fat and combined. Unfortunately, among inhabitants of the megalopolis it is seldom possible to meet the person with normal type of hair, not important the man it or the woman. Knowing it, Helen Seward prepared for us the following programs on restoration and leaving:

– program of keratinovy restoration and hair straightening;

– program for daily leaving and protection of hair;

– the trikhologichesky program for regulation of work of sebaceous glands with a kaolin;

– the program for a deep food and a hair reconstruction with wheat proteins;

– the intensive moistening program for the dry, chemically processed and painted hair with natural extracts and juice of fruit;

– the intensive restoring program for the damaged hair with polyphenols of white grapes;

– and many other things.

One more problem is a hair loss. Certainly, to strengthen hair it is necessary to eliminate a problem inside, whether it be a stress or any disease, but it is not necessary to ignore and external strengthening. As well as this any problem is necessary for solving in a complex. At a strong hair loss it is recommended to address to the doctor who will help you to coordinate a food and will advise drugs for calm of nervous system. Not the unimportant role is played also also by a choice of the correct means on the care of hair. It is necessary to choose production with absence of potentially dangerous substances, such as formaldehyde, парафенилендиамин, урзол, silicone and many other chemical reagents. Production of Helen Seward is based on vegetative components, namely extracts of plants, juice of the Mediterranean fruit and precious oils of rare plants. In its structure there are no harmful to hair and all organism as a whole chemicals listed above. In addition production does not contain some chrome, nickel and lead. A number of programs also was developed for strengthening of hair by experts of Helen Seward such as, the trikhologichesky strengthening program against a hair loss with extract of arnica and the universal strengthening program with essential oil of a white fir.

All production of Helen Seward is simple in application and can be used both in house conditions, and in the salonny. For a choice of this or that program on strengthening and a hair reconstruction the female magazine of the Country of Beauty recommends to address for advisers of Helen Seward in Russia by phone of the free hot line 8 (800) 555-13-93.

Protect your hair and remember that healthy and well-groomed hair the first step on a way to your success.


Fashionable observer of the Country of Beauty of Alain Kuznetsova