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Hair loss…

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Hair loss...
Unfortunately, we did not learn to use in the summer sun-protection hair preparations, forgetting that they too suffer from an ultraviolet. Not without reason in the ancient time Romans turned from dark-haired girls into bright blondes after long everyday stay on the sun. And it is not good … burning out, our hair become thin and fragile. Temperature drops when moving from a cool room under scorching street heat also negatively influence and destroy a hair bulb, leading to a hair loss.

Therefore the Country of Beauty decided to take care behind your hair and to give some councils on strengthening of hair bulbs.


For a start get rid from секущихся tips. After all the hair are shorter, the it is easier to support their healthy look. In our city there is popular a hairstyle «hot scissors» which can provide "zapaivaniye" of hair, preventing them from moisture loss. You can carry out this procedure in our salons and hairdressing salons.

Hair loss: reception of vitaminsHair loss...

Do not forget that the beauty begins from within. Take vitamins (especially vitamin A), eat more vegetables and fruit and, of course, cottage cheese.

Try not to wash the head too often, the chlorinated hard water badly influences hair, also remember that means on the care of hair «2 in 1» are less effective, than shampoo and balm separately. It is not necessary to comb wet hair, after all you break and break structure of hair. Dry hair are better for combing a brush from a natural bristle or with wooden cloves. (they provide a light massage of the head and by that saturation of hair bulbs by necessary energy) Remember that all these trifles also influence a hair loss.

Loss of hair – procedures on leaving

And here to make hair rather glossy procedures, realizable only in the conditions of a professional beauty salon will help. These are such procedures, as lamination, a kreatinovy covering. These procedures are care of hair, after hair loss prevention.

At lamination procedure the laminate completely fills space between cheshuyka of a hair, leveling its surface and enveloping each hair a protective air-tight film. It is a film consists of natural cellulose, proteins of wheat, collagen and other moistening components. As a result hair get additional volume, shine and silkiness. Lamination cost in Astrakhan varies from 1000 to 5000 rubles, depending on length of hair and brand of laminating structure.

Considerably improves a condition a hair prevents a hair loss the keratin shot procedure (hot lamination). Damages are filled with a natural keratin which restores hair structure. As a result hair gain natural elasticity and shining shine. Cost in salons of Astrakhan from 3500 rubles.