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The cosmetics for hair or how to make dream reality

The cosmetics for hair or how to make dream reality
Beautiful hair – dream of any woman, but that dream to realize, the patience and big work is necessary – it is necessary to look after hair. Our female magazine considers a duty to remind of cosmetics for hair.

Cosmetics for hair: bases of bases

The cosmetics for hair is the phrase familiar many, often puts us before a choice: what cosmetic brand to prefer? And here is how time of one answer for all does not exist. All of us different, and that will appear useful to one girl, another will not approach. Therefore before making a choice for a certain cosmetic brand, collect all-round information.

All cosmetic brands can be divided into 3 types: household, chemist’s and professional cosmetics for hair.

And, it is necessary to notice, not always professional cosmetics – the best choice. Everything depends on what hair at you and what problems you want to solve by means of cosmetics for hair. If you have healthy hair, you do not paint them and do not use a chemical wave, you will accept practically any brand.

If hair need a food, moistening and as if you have problems (An alopetsiya, dandruff, a head skin itch, fragility of hair and секущиеся tips), it is better to acquire in a drugstore medical cosmetics for hair. At an alopetsiya, dandruff, fragility of hair and секущихся tips, and also after procedure of decolouration, a chemical wave or a chemical hair straightening there will be very useful a professional cosmetics. Competently picked up cosmetics taking into account individual problems will bring advantage much more, than even the most expensive, but not suitable to your type of hair, means.

It is worth to remember, what even correctly picked up qualitative cosmetics for hair, will not give instant effect. If you successfully picked up to yourselves cosmetics for hair and see good results, do not hurry up it to change. The good cosmetics can use constantly.

Cosmetics for hair: what is that?

Shampoos. Function of shampoo is first of all cleaning of head skin and a hair from the collected dirt, a dust, skin fat. It steals up according to type of head skin and a hair. But shampoos of medical and professional brands can possess a number of the positive properties directed on the solution of certain problems. The composition of such shampoo can include various extracts from plants, natural oils, vitamins and other useful substances.

Balms. Balms let out often in one series with shampoo in the form of cream, gel, a fluid. Their action is, as a rule, directed first of all on the prevention of mechanical damage of hair as a result of their sputyvaniye during combing. They happen for the normal, dry, fat, painted, whipped, damaged hair etc. The hair balsam gives an additional food, normalizes exchange processes, interferes with a hair loss. It is necessary to put it on pure damp hair.

Masks. Masks are made on the basis of herbs, with addition of a protein, amino acids, керамидов and other restoring substances. Depending on mask structure she can warn a hair loss, eliminate seborrhea development, remove irritation of head skin, reduce fragility, fragility and an elektrizatsiya of hair. Stimulating exchange processes in skin, masks for hair restore a normal food of hair bulbs, thereby, strengthening hair.

Cosmetics for hair: what else there are options?

There is also hair-oil, serums, express conditioners. Many brands which are letting out cosmetics for hair, offer the whole series directed on the solution of a certain problem. Such series can include at once shampoo, balm, a mask, serum (or hair-oil). If with hair serious, necessary treatment it is necessary to select problems together with the doctor-trikhologom. Often medical course for hair includes reception of vitamin complexes, various physiotherapeutic procedures and use of professional or medical cosmetics for hair.

Our portal about beauty pays your attention that a cosmetics choice for your hair, process hard and, as a rule, rather long. But the result which you receive as a result, that costs!

Specially for a portal «The Beauty country in Saratov» Tatyana Tanina

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