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What to do, if hair

drop out

What to do, if hair
Notice, what on a brush more hair, than usually began to remain? Try to count up approximately at least, how many hairs in day leave your head of hear. Norm – to hundred! Try to pull out at itself a hair. Look, whether there was a hair bulb or it broke off at a root? If broke off, nutritious shampoos, vitamin masks, lotions, means from fragility and dryness of hair are necessary to you. And if a hair left with a root, it is meaningful to address to special means of the directed action against a hair loss. In all cases include in a diet fruit and greens, take vitamins.

In our female magazine you learn about rules of competent care of hair, how it is correct to comb, dry and humidify hair. Try effective strengthening masks offered by us and your hair become brilliant and dense.


What to do, if hair drop out

  • Never comb wet hair, even if they short! It is necessary to dry properly them a towel or by means of the hair dryer and then already carefully to comb, since tips. Brushes and other accessories for laying choose according to the type and length of hair. Preference give to products from natural materials: tree, bristle. Hot air when laying by the hair dryer apply whenever possible less often! And in general often to use the hair dryer it is not necessary.
  • Do not think that in the winter hair do not need moistening! Different heaters which are intensively working in rooms, have not the best impact on a condition of hair. Do not neglect conditioners and masks – surely use them after head washing. There are special lotions fluids and the moistening creams-balms which are not demanding an opolaskivaniye. These means do not make heavier and do not stick together hair, only to select them it is necessary, being guided by the type of a head of hear. It is very convenient to use moistening spray which it is possible to put both on wet, and on dry hair.


Recipes of masks against a hair loss

Sour-milk mask for hair

In the refrigerator remained a half-package of the kefir not drunk up the day before yesterday? It is useful for a mask! Put kefir on the head for half an hour before washing of an oily hair.

Mask from a mix of castor and repeyny oil

Istonchyonnye, a brittle hair indulge with a mask from a mix of kastorovy and repeyny oils (on a teaspoon of everyone). Can add half of spoons of lemon juice.

Onions and garlic will strengthen hair

This very "fragrant", but effective cure for a hair loss! Kashitsa from the crushed onions and garlic rub in skin in 2 hours prior to washing.

At competent leaving your hair become brilliant and dense!