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Care of hair. Means necessary for this purpose

Care of hair. Means necessary for this purpose
Wind, the sun and water – a picture, of course, beautiful, but only not for our hair. Because of them our beautiful hair lose former splendor and become dim. That it not to allow, and, probably, to improve a situation, it is necessary to pass three stages only.

The Country of Beauty will tell our female magazine to you about what should be the care of hair, means and improvement methods.

Care of hair – the means which have been made it a rule

1. To Obstrigita секущиеся tips.

2. Carry a headdress, for example a straw hat, a hat or a bright scarf from natural light materials (so skin can breathe).

 All this will help to hide from the radiant sun which not only dehydrates hair and is ruthless сечет tips, but also destroys albuminous communications, and it leads to loss of durability and elasticity of hair. And health of hair in a winter season, is also important.

3. When you are in water, the rubber hat and special sun-protection cream for hair to the aid will come. In the same purposes can use natural oils – almond or olive.

Besides protection they will present to hair natural beauty and live shine. Put shampoo on dry hair, well them soap, and then прополоскайте in water. Care of hair, – all this each modern woman should know conditioning agents.

4. Usual shampoos, masks and conditioners replace with the same means, but with intensive moistening and UV filters. Damp hair comb very carefully, and a rare crest as they are more subject to mechanical traumas, and if hair long, a brush from a natural bristle.

Start it to do with tips, gradually moving ahead to roots of hair. Try, as seldom as possible to use hair dryer or to use a chemical hair straightening.

5. Those whom the nature allocated with blondirovanny hair, or you have 50 % of a gray hair, pay them special attention as in hair of this kind practically there is no natural pigment which provides protection of structure of a hair against ultra-violet radiation. 

Care of hair – means of restoration

Here house means will be useful to you. You can safely replace tap water with broths of curative plants, such, as broth of birch leaves, nettles, a burdock, coltsfoot, a train, a camomile, mint.

For this purpose 500 g of the cut herbs it is necessary to make 0,5 l of boiled water, to insist and filter. Or soften water with apple vinegar at the rate of 1 ч.л. on 1 liter of water.

It is useful for strengthening and moistening of hair a mix from two egg yolks, half of lemon juice and several drops of oil (avocado, jojoba, kastorovy, almond, olive, repeyny etc.). Half an hour is necessary to take such mask on hair and then to wash away.

Daily rubbing in in roots of hair of a mix from equal amount of juice of a lemon, cabbage and spinach can restore a lifeless, brittle hair.

To stop a hair loss, once a week rub in head skin a kashitsa from water and sea salt of a fine crushing for 10 minutes. Rinse the head with broth from leaves and sea-buckthorn berries branches.

Care of hair – means of a food

And, at last, include in the correct food allowance sunflower and pumpkin sunflower seeds, a lemon, orange, dried fruits, a black radish, natural honey, porridges.

These are the most useful products keeping youth. In care of hair, means do not need to be saved. It will be useful to drink broths of a dogrose, a field horsetail, soothing herbal teas. Use our councils, and you can "try on" the most fashionable hairdresses of a season.

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