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Masks for hair

Masks for hair
Shining, streaming, silky … And still beautiful and healthy! They be our hair, in reality or in dreams. All women share on owners of such hair and on those who dreams to possess such hair. But also that, and masks are equally necessary for hair – one for maintenance of beauty of the hair, and another for achievement of such effect for another. The female magazine recommends some of masks.

Masks for hair

Masks for hair is the universal method of leaving which is not demanding, as a rule, considerable financial expenses and always yielding positive result. But here fixing of this result already depends on a regularity of use of masks.

Masks on the basis of eggs which contain amino acids valuable to us and lecithin are very popular. And even at whom on eggs an allergy, it is possible to recommend such masks, having simply replaced egg with the hypoallergenic quail.

Masks for hair from eggs

– An egg mask for an oily hair

In a blender put a banana tip, previously having cleared it of the top rough layer (the size of a slice varies taking into account length and density of hair), break there one yolk, add Masks for hair
a few kiwi (it is desirable only a green part, without small black stones) or drip a little lemon juice, add one teaspoon of mustard and carefully mix. The mask is ready, put it on hair for about 30 minutes, and then wash away slightly warm water. Too hot water it is not necessary to wash away, differently the yolk can be curtailed. This mask is good the universality – is quite admissible to use it regularly alternatively to shampoo. Mustard and sour fruit dry your oily hair a little, doing them easy and pure.

– An egg mask for dry hair

There is nothing more simply and more effectively, than an egg mix with castor or repeyny oil (on 1 egg – 1 tablespoon of oil). Egg feeds your hair, and oil fights against dryness and humidifies them. To hold a mask on hair follows within an hour.

Masks for hair from honey

Masks for hair on the basis of honey – the most valuable product containing all necessary nutrients and vitamins for our hair are not less popular also.

– A honey mask for an oily hair

Mix honey with juice scarlet in equal proportions. The amount of components varies depending on length and density of hair. Put for about 40 minutes. Wash away a mask warm water and carefully wash the head shampoo.

– A honey mask for dry hair

Mix juice of one crude potato with a tablespoon of honey and with an egg yolk. Half an hour quite will suffice, that your hair became impregnated with this curative mix.

Masks for hair: herbs

Well and, certainly, grassy masks. In a motley variety of herbs it is possible to pick up that which suits your hair.

– A grassy mask for an oily hair

Fill in 2 tablespoons of dry flowers of a chemist’s camomile of 50 ml of boiled water, let’s to broth be drawn a couple of hours. Then shake up a blender one egg white as if you are going to prepare a kiss – foam should be very dense. Mix foam with a camomile kashitsa and put on hair. When the camomile and albuminous mask will dry, it should be washed away not too hot water. This mix will a little dry your oily hair.

– A grassy mask for dry hair

Handful of a nettle fill in 100 g of oil (repeyny, kastorovy, sesame, olive). This mix will be drawn in tightly closed capacity in a dark place week. When she will be ready, filter and slightly heat up to temperature which maintains your finger. And then in equal proportions mix this curative mix with kefir (better, of course, prepared from house milk, but will approach also store). The head smeared with a mask properly warm and enjoy a warm compress two hours.

To fix result of your diligence lamination of hair will help. To make such procedure it is possible in one of beauty salons of Rostov-on-Don.

At regular use of these natural masks for hair – you receive such hair of what dreamed: shining, streaming, silky … And still beautiful and, certainly, the healthy!

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