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National treatment of dandruff

National treatment of dandruff
National treatment of dandruff and reason of its emergence

National treatment of dandruff – one of the most effective ways of fight against this disease of head skin. Many people wrongly believe that the reason of emergence of dandruff – dry skin, and also frequent washing of the head or insufficient care of hair. These popular beliefs can lead to a choice of an inefficient method of treatment which will provoke further more serious problems.

Emergence of dandruff is caused by formation of one of fungus versions – Pityrosporum Ovale. However completely healthy people do not need to be afraid of it.

When the pH-balance of a hair part of the head is broken, the fungus begins is accelerated to breed that leads to a peeling.

The exact reason of rapid growth of a fungus was not established, but the most probable prime cause are violation of work of sebaceous glands, hormonal failure, a stress, various diseases of nervous system, frustration of immune system of an organism, a susceptibility to the fungus or even hereditary predisposition to dandruff. In more exceptional cases dandruff can be manifestation of allergic reaction to any chemicals which are a part of shampoos, varnishes, oils or other means on the care of hair. Here national treatment of dandruff to the aid comes.

National treatment! To dandruff we will say – no!

For head washing doctors-trikhologi recommend to use special medical shampoo which with ease can be found in any drugstore. There are some types of the shampoos including in the structure active antifungoid components, such as Ketokonazol, Oktopiroks, zinc, and also sulfur and salicylic acid as peeling means. However concerning them not so many verifying tests therefore any shampoo is not recognized as a medical product were carried out, in fact, they are simply cosmetics.

National treatment of dandruff
The portal «the Beauty Country» is glad to offer you national recipes on dandruff elimination:

1. Mix 2 tablespoons of vodka and 1 tablespoon of juice of onions. Before starting head washing, rub a mix in head skin and hair. Take 30 minutes under a film, then wash away warm water.

2. Take 1 tablespoon of dry flowers of a calendula, make them abrupt boiled water, insist 30 minutes. After will wash the head shampoo, rinse hair with this infusion, put on a polyethylene hat. In 30 minutes remove a hat, hair thus not to wash. 2 times a week are necessary to carry out procedure.

3. Kastorovoye or repeyny oil on 1 tablespoon mix with 10 tablespoons of tincture of a calendula on alcohol. Daily rub solution in roots of hair.

4. The dry leaf of a nettle – 1 tablespoon is ready a glass of abrupt boiled water, then 2 hours are drawn. The received infusion to filter through a gauze and to rub in head skin 2 times a week, it is obligatory after washing. Then to put on the head a hat for 30 minutes. After procedure it is not recommended to wash hair.

5. Fill in 2 tablespoons dry a camomile flower in liter of water, put on a plate and will boil 3-4 minutes. Cool and apply as solution to rubbing in in head skin 2 times a week after washing of hair.

6. A tablespoon of a St. John’s Wort fill in with 10 tablespoons of vodka and within a week insist in a dark cool place. Rub in head skin 2 times a week after washing, put on a plastic bag or a hat for 40 minutes. After hair do not wash. Repeat such procedure 2 times a week.

National treatment of dandruff
Pay attention to some rules which are necessary for observing everything who wants to cope with dandruff:

– using shampoo against dandruff, leave it on a head surface for 5 minutes: it will allow components to have the maximum influence.

– as a rule, the insignificant peeling of skin can be brought to naught by means of daily washing of the head by soft shampoo. It will reduce allocation of sebaceous glands.

– putting shampoo, mass fingers head skin to remove surpluses of the become lifeless cages and to increase blood circulation.

– avoid long impact of the sun on head skin, especially at midday. Ultra-violet radiation can damage your hair.

– always wash out hair pure water after pool or bathing visit in reservoirs with the polluted water.

– adhere to a diet which includes enough zinc, vitamins and minerals.

Remember that dandruff is a chronic disease of which it is necessary to keep control therefore are not lazy to use means of national treatment of dandruff.