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Treatment of dandruff

Treatment of dandruff
Many face such problem as dandruff Dandruff represents the top peeling layer of the become lifeless cells of head skin which die off daily. But if dandruff appeared, means cages for any reason began to die off quicker and to accumulate cheshuyka on skin. There are many national methods, allowing to get rid of dandruff and at the same time useful to hair and head skin. We also will tell you about them in our female magazine.

Dandruff treatment

To start the correct treatment of dandruff, it is necessary to know the reasons of its emergence.

Dandruff reasons

Dyeing of the hair, new shampoo, mask, hair balsam or means for laying can be the reasons of emergence of dandruff. Sometimes any allergic reaction is shown in the form of dandruff. One more reason – an overeating sweet and flour, fat and sharp. Emergence of dandruff can be as a result of reaction of an organism to errors in a food and nervous stresses, decrease in immunity and violation of the hormonal background, the suffered illness.

Treatment of dandruff
How to deduce dandruff

First of all it is necessary to exclude the reason causing emergence of dandruff. That is cease to be nervous, eat healthy food, use vitamins more. It is more than fruit, vegetables, juice, fish, sour-milk products, less fat, fried, sharp, flour, sweet, alcohol. Start to mass head skin 2 times a day. Wash the head more often.

Shampoos from dandruff

For treatment of dandruff we advise shampoos with looking after and peeling components. It is sulfur, tar, a disulfide, salicylic acid. It is possible to add in shampoo on 5-7 drops of oil of an eucalyptus, grapefruit, tangerine, orange, mint, fir oil. They possess antiseptic and antifungoid action.

Treatment of dandruff
masks from dandruff

  • Crush 2-3 roots of a burdock and put in the enameled ware. Add 1 tablespoon of seeds of fennel, fill in 0,5 l of boiled water and cover. Put on fire and boil within 10 minutes, cool and filter. Put the received broth on head skin and tie the head a cotton scarf. Such mask wash away shampoo in 20-30 minutes.
  • The structure of a mask includes 2 yolks, 2 ч.л. repeyny oil and 2 ч.л. honey. All this carefully to mix and rub in head skin, to leave for 30 minutes. Then to wash up the head shampoo.
  • In the ratio 1 to 9 mix vegetable and oblepikhovy oil. This mix to rub in roots of hair, to put on a polyethylene hat. A mask wash away in an hour, wash up the head shampoo. 2 times a week are desirable to repeat such procedure. On a course – 10 procedures.
  • For mask preparation from leaves of a nettle it is necessary to squeeze out in ceramic ware juice of 3-4 leaves, to merge it, to add 2 tablespoons of sour cream and the shaken-up yolk. To mix and add 2 h. l. mustard oil and 2 h. l. Toloknyany flour. With this mix to grease roots of hair before head washing. Also to wrap up the head a polyethylene film and a warm towel. Hair to wash up shampoo in 30 minutes after mask imposing, to rinse with the acidified water. The Tay mask is better for using in a warm season.
  • It is useful to rub in head skin a kashitsa from onions, to dress a hat for a shower. To wash away this mask through 1час water, to wash out shampoo.
  • To prepare a mix from 2 tablespoons of a lemon, 2 yolks, 1ч.л. repeyny oil. Such mix also to rub in head skin for 30 minutes, then to wash out hair shampoo.
  • To stir 3-4 tablespoons of warm olive oil with 3-4 ч.л. lemon juice. A warm mix to rub in head skin before washing.

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