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We rescue hair in the winter

We rescue hair in the winter
How to save hair in the winter: special leaving

Hair demand in the winter special leaving. How to save hair during such dangerous season? How to keep a hairdress if hair have to be hidden under a cap? About all this to you will tell our female magazine.

In the winter to go without a headdress it is impossible. If you prefers it not to carry, remember that consequences for an organism can be absolutely pitiable, namely catarrhal diseases, neuralgia, angiospasms of a brain and many other things. However consequences can be pitiable not only for an organism, but also for hair. At minus temperature in the unprotected head there is an angiospasm which feed bulbs of hair. Therefore hair become in the winter dry, thin, fragile and can start to drop out. However the cap or a hood on the head deprive our hair of volume and in general spoil a hairdress. How to keep faultlessness in that case?

Hair in the winter: whether the volume is possible?

Certainly, everyone would like, that the hairdress remained in such look in which was before cap fitting. In that case, for a start be convinced that hair are dried completely up. If hair at least a little damp, they take the form of a cap. For this reason to wash hair in the winter, to do laying or a hairdress it is necessary not before an exit, and approximately in 2-3 hours prior to an exit.

Also, in a cold season it is necessary to get various shampoos, conditioners and balms which give volume, and also the means created specially to protect hair at low temperatures. Such means not only help to keep hairdress volume under a cap, but also perfectly humidify hair, that is rescue them from a static electricity. It is carefully necessary to use mousses and gels for laying if to put them more norm, under weight of means the volume simply vanishes.

If you have long hair, and you want to make a hairdress of more volume, at a sushchik the hair dryer incline the head down and dry hair on the directions to tips. It is also possible to create volume as professionals, that is serially to extend locks by means of a hairbrush and the hair dryer. The volume can be created, winding locks on a brush of big diameter or using a nozzle for the hair dryer – a diffuzor. If besides volume creation, you straighten hair an utyuzhok, to do it best of all with inclined headfirst so you to receive both volume and a straight beautiful hair. It is also possible to comb slightly hair in those places where the volume is required, and then to smooth, that there were no sticking-out hairs.

Hair in the winter: we choose hairdresses under a cap

We rescue hair in the winter
There is a set of hairdresses which can be carried under a cap and not to worry about their quality. It is possible to carry short creative hairstyles which need to be corrected slightly only, and to such hairdresses of transforming hairdress which look beautifully in any kind, it is also enough to correct of them only hands.

Long hair under a cap can be hidden in a bunch or a plait, these hairdresses cannot be spoiled, but even if such and happens, they are very easy for correcting several movements.

With average hair of business are a little more difficult, however the exit too can be found. In that case the correct female headdress, namely not constraining a hairdress becomes the best decision. It is necessary to give preference to more free headdresses – to scarfs, shawls, hoods etc. It is also possible to use fur earphones, but they approach warm winter without snow and a rain.

Hair in the winter and bang

It is necessary to keep a shape of a bang? Putting on a headdress, throw back the head back or simply a hand lift a bang and dress a cap. In such situation the bang is deformed much less rather than when it will be pressed down to a forehead by hard edges of a headdress. In transport it is best of all to take off a cap as in a stuffy room sweat starts to act, and the first manifestations of moisture promote bang deformation. The less you are in a headdress, the your hairdress will be less deformed.

Hair in the winter: static electricity

Removing a headdress indoors, the majority of girls face such problem as a naelektrizovannost of hair when hair stick to hands and a hairbrush, do not want to hold a form. In that case experts advise to use conditioners for hair, but they, unfortunately, help not so often. To use balms and conditioners for dry hair as they include oils much more effectively. Many oils are natural antistatics, for example, lavandovy, pink oils therefore before combing it is possible to put simply some drops of these oils on a hairbrush.

The hairbrush should be made their natural natural materials. It is possible to get a special hairbrush or эбонита or a carbonate which eliminate a static electricity.

From national, everyday ways it is possible to use hand cream, to smear hands and slightly to move them on hair, or ordinary antistatic for clothes. If the static electricity torments you daily, try to exclude from clothes any synthetic things.

Hair in the winter: good advice

We rescue hair in the winter
If to you made an evening hairdress in a hairdressing salon, try to do without a cap and a hood.

It is necessary to correct daily laying very carefully. Because of a difference of temperatures on the street and indoors there can be a static electricity therefore at first simply stir up hair and only in 5-10 minutes correct them hands.

In the winter try to use easier and low-fat means for laying so hair are simpler for stacking.

Use special means of dl of giving of volume. Even if earlier you did not use them, in the winter they will help out you more than once.

Remember that hair in the winter more whimsical therefore it is necessary to keep their beautiful and healthy look.

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