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Chemical hair straightening: taming of the obstinate!

Chemical hair straightening: taming of the obstinate!


Not a secret that to us, women, always would be desirable to have we do not have what. And consequently owners of a straight hair often dream of wavy ringlets, and owners of ringlets try to straighten them very much.

And if problems of the first were solved not so one decades ago, here the second still should be "suffered".

Fortunately, and on wavy hair the justice is found! Today any beauty salon of Saratov has in "menu" of services procedure «a chemical (permanent) hair straightening».

Chemical hair straightening: action principle

To understand, why owners of a magnificent and curly head of hear want it to tame, it is absolutely simple: a straight hair has a number of the advantages. One of them is that they are easier for combing and stacking. Besides on a straight hair the melirovaniye better looks.

But utyuzhka so advertized today for straightening give only short-term effect therefore that who wants to enjoy a smooth and straight hair a long time, it is recommended to make a chemical hair straightening. And it is best of all to entrust the hair to professionals and to address for the help in a beauty salon.

In itself procedure is similar to performance of a chemical wave, only means with a boomerang effect in this case are used.

The special structure into which the sodium hydroxide, as a rule, enters is put on hair. This substance after drawing on hair at first opens a cuticle after that softens a cortical layer of hair and then changes its structure. It is necessary to notice, what even the African ringlets can be straightened by means of similar means!

However producers of professional tools try not to use this component in the structures because of its adverse effect on hair. If not to do without the help of the strong rectifier, the basis for prevention of burns of head skin previously is surely put. By the way, as such basis it is possible to use usual vaseline oil.

Chemical hair straightening. Other options

Chemical hair straightening: taming of the obstinate!
Except a hydroxide of sodium of means for a chemical hair straightening can contain тиогликолат ammonium which as influences structure of hair, however it is not so strong.

Such structures call still rectifiers of an average fortress and usually use for straightening of not too twirled ringlets. However, tiovypryamitel are one of the most expensive means for straightening.

After drawing of a chemical composition effect fix by means of a clamp, then on hair put converter and the conditioner.

In practice there are still rectifiers of a weak fortress, they are used more often for a so-called relaxation of hair, or by relaxations. Such means do not cause a damage to hair, the truth and strong ringlets they too cannot straighten. As a rule, similar means apply to straightening of thin hair.

Chemical hair straightening: how to keep hair the healthy?

It is necessary to consider that the effect of chemical straightening remains within 3-4 months, depending on growth rate of hair: growing roots will be again курчавиться. Therefore straightening then is necessary to repeat procedure periodically, however, do any more for all length, and only for otrosshy roots.

If you do not want to subject all the hair to chemical influence, remember, it is possible what to straighten also a part of hair, for example, only a bang.

Besides, it is necessary to consider and that fact that it is not recommended to do a chemical hair straightening on decoloured, and as on the damaged hair. Otherwise it is possible to destroy an available head of hear finally.

Our portal about beauty pays your attention that after procedure careful care of hair is necessary: try not to allow mechanical damage when combing, buy special shampoo and the conditioner for moistening and a cuticle softening, dry hair in the natural way, without hair dryer use. And as at all do not use the utyuzhky ambassador of chemical straightening!

If you want to change a hair color, to paint them it is possible only 3 weeks later after procedure of a chemical hair straightening.

Let your dreams become reality!

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