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Dimeksid: for hair and not only

Dimeksid: for hair and not only
Dimeksid – what is it?

Glycerin, ретинол, coenzyme Q10 … To the modern woman who is watching cosmetic novelties, it is necessary to learn to understand names and properties of chemical elements, substances and connections.

What for? In order that the choice of this or that cream depended not on appeal of a bottle, and from ability to "read" structure. The female Internet magazine will help to understand that to what.

Application димексида

Dimeksid (диметил сульфоксид) – the substance which is widely applying in medicine and cosmetology. If you never heard about it earlier, it is a high time to learn, how it can help to become even more beautiful to you.

First of all, димексид it is known for the powerful anti-inflammatory properties at face care. It is capable to relieve skin of spots, suppurations and inflammations. Observing a dosage and correctly carrying out procedures, it is possible in short terms and without material inputs to make the person pure and well-groomed. What for this purpose it is necessary? A vial concentrated димексида (cost in drugstores – about 50 rub) from which it is possible to prepare solution of necessary concentration, or димексид in the form of gel.

For face skin

The most effective remedy – a face pack. In fact it is similar to a fruit peeling. For a start we will prepare 10 %-ny preparation solution. For this purpose we mix 1 teaspoon of a concentrate with 9 teaspoons of water.

It is undesirable to use solution of stronger concentration as димексид – quite toxic substance, and is capable to cause allergic reactions of skin.

Now we will mix a small amount of solution with the same amount of oil of a tea tree. Having carefully mixed a mix, accurately we put it on the inflamed sites of skin. Tochechno, by means of a wadded stick, or in all face (avoiding area round eyes) – a wadded disk. To hold a mask on a face it is possible long enough, from half an hour till several o’clock. And even all night long, if to impose it before going to bed. However, if you will feel strong burning – immediately wash!

If the mask is necessary for treatment of ugrevy rash and inflammations, do it 3 times a week, every other day, before achievement of desirable effect which is usually observed after the third or fifth procedure. In the preventive purposes it is enough to do a mask of times a week. To put solution tochechno on spots it is possible one – twice a day while the heat-spot will not disappear completely.

Dimeksid for hairDimeksid: for hair and not only

Dimeksid is actively used also for treatment thin weakened and inclined to dryness and a hair loss. Treatment national средсвами did not help?

In complex care of mask hair with the dimeksidy help to strengthen hair, to accelerate their growth and to get rid of dandruff. REMEMBER!!! To apply solution димексида follows strictly in 10 % – ache concentration! He in this case acts not only as an independent active component, but also as the "conductor" allowing essential oils to get deep into of a hair. Masks with the dimeksidy strengthen blood circulation, sate head skin and roots of hair with vitamins. Result – strong, smooth and brilliant hair which it is possible though in the French plaits to braid.

So, mix on 1 tea or table (depends on length of hair) to a spoon: repeyny oil, castor oil, oil solution of vitamin A (ретинола acetate), oil solution of vitamin E (tocopherol), 10 % of solution димексида. Add 3-5 drops of the favourite essential oil. Everything mix, warm up on a water bath and rub in hair (on all length) and head skin. Wrap up the head a food film, wrap up with a towel and leave on one hour. Then well wash out hair shampoo. Do this mask of times a week.

Side effects and contra-indications димексида

Surely it should be noted that димексид is capable to cause allergic reactions which are expressed in the form of reddenings, skin itch and burning, and in some hard cases – in the form of nausea and vomiting. Therefore before applying solution or a mask with dimeksidy, carry out «the test for compatibility»: moisten a wadded tampon in solution and put on skin of an elbow bend. If within 15 minutes allergic reaction is not shown, can use means for the designated purpose.

Also it is necessary to remember that димексид it is incompatible with many medicines. Avoid application димексида during pregnancy and in a lactation. And also in the presence of the following diseases: hypersensitivity of skin, heavy hepatic or nephritic insufficiency, the stenocardia, the expressed atherosclerosis, glaucoma, a cataract.

Oksana Baluyeva.

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