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Keratin – the best means for a hair straightening

Keratin - the best means for a hair straightening
Today in a fashion to have a long, straight and brilliant hair — a modern standard of beauty. Almost each girl has available an utyuzhok for this purpose, but hurry to assure that now it is simple to anything. First, frequent use hot an utyuzhka harmfully for hair, secondly, for you appeared a new keratinovy hair straightening! It is known that the keratin — fine means for health of hair, and a keratinovy hair straightening has a set of pluses about which with pleasure will tell you our Internet portal «Beauty Country».

Keratin for a hair straightening.

The keratin — is the fibrillyarny protein which is a part of structure of hair, nails and skin, it yields unique multilateral results when using for care of hair. The keratin promotes a complete recovery of hair and has no contra-indications. You do not need to resort constantly to procedure, the effect from one procedure suffices for 4 months. At once after keratin application, hair find beautiful appearance, easily comb hair and well hold laying.

There are special preparations for a keratinovy hair straightening which are used in beauty salons. Such preparations allow to make hair smooth, brilliant, elastic without harm for health both for the client, and for the master.

Keratinovoye the hair straightening is actual not only for owners of a curly hair, but also for girls with vysvetlenny hair. The keratin fills internal emptiness of the etched hair, thereby returning them elasticity and natural shine. Using on themselves this procedure clients say that their hair became more pleasant to the touch, more obediently and more densely.

This procedure is suitable both for women, and for men. There are different structures of a preparation depending on structure of hair. In their structure natural components are used: keratin, extracts of plants and fruit.

As there passes hair straightening procedure.

Procedure passes in three stages:

– Clarification: hair wash with special shampoo thanks to which the keratin gets into hair structure better.

– Keratinizatsiya: the liquid keratin is put on hair with a space from roots in one centimeter.

– A hair straightening with the help an utyuzhka: the temperature makes about 230 degrees. The keratin, thanks to temperature, seals the damaged cheshuyka of hair.

Who was on procedure on a hair reconstruction, for certain, will notice similarity of procedures. The last stage, there hair differs only "seal" by means of the hair dryer and a round brush.

After procedure the master tells about how it is necessary to look after hair correctly: in the first day after procedure it is not recommended to wash hair, to fix them elastic bands, hairpins, it is desirable to go with a flowing hair; at a namokaniye hair need to be dried accurately the hair dryer or an utyuzhok; if it is necessary to collect hair, it is possible to use a silk scarf.

In 72 hours after carrying out procedure, hair can be washed shampoo which should not contain sodium chloride because it washes away over time a keratin from hair. There are special means on the care of the hair straightened by a keratin which usually are on sale in the salon or in specialized shops.

After the first procedure in the full will feel, how vital force and health is recovered your hair. They become smart and will be the real ornament for your unique image.