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Keratinovoye a hair straightening in Novorossiysk

In beauty salons of Novorossiysk you are waited by procedure of an obvolakivaniye of hair by a keratin which is called a keratinovy hair straightening, a keratinirovaniye. The Beauty country will tell Novorossiysk to you about this procedure.

Keratinovoye a hair straightening in Novorossiysk

Keratin – protein, the main component of hair (as well nails). Cheshuyka who cover a hair surface consist of this protein. When hair are healthy – the external layer чешуек is not broken, it does hair elastic, brilliant, strong. Such hair also lay down in a different way. There are no problems with their laying.

In case hair are overdried, damaged, the external layer is broken. Hair cannot well reflect light (look dim), break, секутся, are confused, электризуются, stick out in different directions. Familiar picture?

Preparation drawing with a keratin in this case, will saturate not only cheshuyka, but also a hair core, will create a protective film, will make hair strong, smooth, thick, elastic. Hair will not puff up, пушится, to be confused. They will have an amazing silkiness, shine, ease in laying. And contrast will be that more than hair are more strongly damaged. Also that is still pleasant – the result will be very fast. Made procedure in salon – and it is ready.

Keratinovoye a hair straightening apply and to straightening of wavy hair. It is absolutely harmless procedure. The keratin envelops hair and plays a role of staylingovy means then hair straighten an utyuzhok. After such procedure hair become equal, smooth and not пушатся even in damp weather.

Keratinovoye a hair straightening – practice.

Keratinovoye straightening – service salonny, instead of house. For it not less than 4 preparations for professional application, a ceramic utyuzhok for hair in which it is possible to regulate temperature and qualification of the master are necessary. Houses you can make this procedure, only if invite the familiar master with all arsenal to yourself on a visit.

Procedure occurs so: with special shampoo wash hair, dry up the hair dryer, further put structure with a keratin and hold some time, after hair again dry and solder an utyuzhok at temperature of 230 degrees (in a sparing case of 200 degrees).

On time procedure will borrow from you from 1,5 to 3rd hours (depending on length, type and a condition of hair).

Whether it is possible to put on the painted hair? Yes, only after procedure of coloring it is desirable to wait 2-3 days. After a chemical wave it is desirable to wait for 2-3 weeks and to do procedure by more sparing way.

In a current of 2-3 days it is impossible awaking to wet hair, to use elastic bands, hairpins, staylingovy means, to swim in the pool, takes a steam bath in a sauna.

Except means and preparations for application in salons rulers for use in house conditions are issued also. High-grade keratinovy straightening by these means to make it will not turn out, but they give a certain effect, doing hair more smooth and well-groomed. It will be ideal, if you apply in house conditions means to maintenance and restoration of a keratinovy layer after carrying out salonny procedure, and also special shampoos are will prolong and will fix its effect.

At care of hair by means of special means, the effect of procedure will hold on from 3rd to 6 months. If to do this procedure over and over again, it has accumulative action (more expressive effect for longer term).

There can be different names of procedure, depending on the name of a brand of a preparation by which procedure (for example, the Brazilian keratinovy straightening is made). The main thing, on what it is necessary to pay attention at its choice, this existence of harmful connections in structure. Some preparations can contain formaldehyde which undoubtedly is harmful substance. Generally firms producers already refuse so harmful additives in structure.

Natalia Kostra.

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