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Long hair: how them to look after?

Long hair: how them to look after?
The beauty of a thick long hair turns on itself many enthusiastic views. But, alas, not each owner of long hair can brag by nature of their shine, health and luxury, there are ladies who should make for life huge efforts for preservation of beauty and length of the heads of hear. During our times there is a mass of possibilities to pay due consideration even to the unruly hair though long hair and care of them are given not easy.
Long hair: washing and food

All perfectly know to wash up the head, such means as shampoo, balm conditioner, a hairbrush (brush) are required and, respectively, there is a lot of warm water. It is necessary to wash and feed long hair more carefully.


– decide on a problem of your hair and forward – to choose necessary shampoo. Remember that shampoo should correspond to type of your hair;

– in case you cannot independently define type of hair, we advise to address for consultation to the hairdresser or трихологу;

– it is necessary to pay attention to quality of shampoo, packing can tell about it, and also the producer;

– remember that it is desirable to change shampoo of time in 2-3 months;

– disobedient long hair need balm conditioner to restore structure of hair, and also to facilitate combing;

– it is desirable to choose balm conditioner according to the shampoo;

– except balms conditioners, experts recommend to do at least time in a week of a mask, besides for each structure and type of hair they should be different.

Long hair: hairbrushes

Opinions of professionals concerning a choice of hairbrushes disperse, one argue that the hairbrush should be only wooden, the second that the hairbrush brush, the third – with wide distance between a teeth is necessary, and everyone is in own way right. It is possible to choose any hairbrush suitable you, remember only that combing of long hair is necessary for beginning with tips, gradually rising to the basis, then it will not put harm to your hair, and only will strengthen a hair shine.

We level, we cut

To have well-groomed long hair without a hairstyle or straightening it is simply impossible. Straightening of tips, according to experts, should be not more rare than once a month, as hair grow not evenly and month to them enough to lose initial, after straightening or a hairstyle, a well-groomed look. However if you are disturbed by diseases of hair and head skin, it is necessary to go not to the hairdresser, and to трихологу.

Thus, observance at least these simple councils will lead you to excellent result and your long hair will look by all means for all 100 %!

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