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The Brazilian hair straightening for everyone!


The Brazilian hair straightening for everyone!
Keratinovoye can call the Brazilian hair straightening so because it is capable to cope with any, even the most difficult type of hair. And, as we know, it is considered that "Brazilian" type, when hair пушатся. But how there is a straightening procedure? And whether it is so safe for hair?

The Brazilian hair straightening – what is it?

The Brazilian hair straightening represents quite simple, rather new in the cosmetology world, procedure of fast straightening curling, fluffy, curly and an unruly hair of any complexity. To learn, whether procedure will suit you, learn, what types of hair exist.

The essence of a method consists in drawing on your hair of the special structure consisting of natural components, mainly a keratin. It gets deeply into hair, fills emptiness in their structure and forms, speaking in images, an elastic chain which allows hair to remain straight lines long time.

As a rule, all the Brazilian hair straightening lasts about two hours. At first the master well washes out your hair special shampoo. It allows to clear them of extraneous impurity that the keratinovy structure which is put on slightly dried hair, could get as it is possible more deeply. Then, after structure drawing, hair straighten with the help an utyuzhka. Heat fixes in them a keratin. Not less than 5 times for this reason this stage of procedure is the most long are necessary to process each lock. After everything managed to be straightened, the mask is again put on hair for effect fixing. In five minutes it wash away, and hair dry the hair dryer. Here, actually, and all.

Result of the Brazilian straightening are smooth and silky brilliant hair. Usually those they remain approximately for the period from 3 to 6 months (it depends on quality of structure) then the keratin is almost completely washed away.

The Brazilian hair straightening – pluses and minuses

Probably, the main plus of the Brazilian keratinovy hair straightening is possibility to save precious time. You should not do every morning laying any more and to straighten hair utyuzhky, it is enough of them to brush only.

Besides, the keratin is not washed away completely, and after each procedure collects in your hair. It means that over time, they already in itself become more obedient and silky.

Also the keratin allows painting substances to keep more long on hair. If before procedure to paint hair, the result to remain much more long.

And at last, the natural keratin not simply straightens hair, it treats them. This procedure is very useful.

As to negative sides of the Brazilian straightening, not too there is a lot of them:

First of all it, of course, high cost. Application of professional, really effective preparations, costs very expensively.

And, secondly, as it was already told earlier, the result is not eternal. Approximately in half a year it is necessary to repeat all process again.

Leaving after procedure

After carrying out procedure it is necessary to observe only some simple rules. They will help to fix final result.

Within three days after keratinovy straightening it is forbidden to carry out any manipulations with hair – to collect in a tail, to braid, pin up or wash the head. By the way, it is possible to dye hair not earlier, than in three weeks.

And, the most important, is necessary to use special professional shampoo for head washing. Its distinctive feature is absence as a part of sulfates.

Our Female magazine pays your attention that the Brazilian hair straightening is contraindicated to pregnant women and feeding women. It speaks existence in the majority of structures for a formaldehyde hair straightening. Its too big dose can negatively affect on health of the kid.

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