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Hair пушатся: ambulance

Hair пушатся: ambulance

Yes, the spread wide disobedient deformed hair are always a distinct alarm signal. Even if your hair пушатся all life, and you got used long ago that your head reminds a dandelion hat. Think, because of what hair пушатся?

Hair пушатся: the started case

Usually hair are magnetized, if they are damaged, the reason – a lack of vitamins and microcells of hair and head skin. All this grows out of the stress endured by hair – for example, the chlorinated water in the pool, a frost or a heat on the street, unsuccessful experiments with hair, problems with health. If all this is not present, but hair пушатся all the same, means, they at you are by nature whimsical and demand special attention, and have on this full authority.

Purely outwardly – it is most difficult to cope with this problem, when hair short. Usually they are damaged on all length, and all the same it is necessary to wait, when will let grow a healthy part. Long-haired girls try to solve a problem quickly, having made a hairstyle. But if not to eliminate the reason, the problem will return, and will suffer not only your appearance. As though it was unpleasant, but fluffy hair do not need to be cut off, and to take courage and look after them in such look.

Hair пушатся: with what to begin?

The first – a food. Add in the diet more vitamins and minerals, it is better to spend on drink them a course. Calcium first of all is necessary for hair, and for its assimilation magnesium, potassium and vitamin D are required. The last is best of all for receiving a natural way – sunbathing in a sunbed. Hair are thus better for hiding after all. If hair пушатся in the winter, probably, the reason the lack of an ultraviolet is just, and suntan in a sunbed will solve a problem.

The second – a way of life. If the problem пушащихся a hair fell down to you, suddenly, means, you ceased to give due consideration long ago to them. Illness? Hard work? Problems in private life? Remember that in the last could affect hair so awfully. Perhaps you got used to wash them in soul of fitness club, where water too rigid.
Or perhaps there came a beach season and hair did not transfer a lot of sun. Or, on the contrary, the winter came, hair began to become soiled quicker a cap and it is required to remove superfluous fat content. Generally, urgently we clean injuring factor and in the next weeks we carry out a marathon on the care of hair, be not become even worse yet.

The third – mechanical damages. The weakened hair are not capable to resist even to insignificant damages so we minimize them. Whenever possible we do not dry them the hair dryer if it is necessary – we use means of thermoprotection. We protect from cold and direct sunshine.
In general, it is better to carry a hairdress, than laying, and better to choose a hairdress, not defiant tension and deformations of hair: any horse tails, bunches, cones, plaits. It is best of all to master weaving of plaits. Use an utyuzhka, besides with a thermoprotective lotion becomes the good help. The straightened smoothed hair will not suffer so strongly from a hairbrush, a wind and a dust. It is especially important at long hair, at which damaged tips пушатся on all length. Later, when business will go on the amendment, it is quite good to make the usual hairstyle, but hot scissors to prevent further section.

The fourth – masks. It can be salonny Spa procedure or an aromatherapy for hair, and there can be house shampoos and masks on the basis of herbs and oils. The main thing that hair received the strengthened food, moistening, smoothing. That is important, oils make heavier hair a little, and they do not stick out any more on end. If necessary – eliminate fat content, dandruff, correct an unsuccessful hairstyle.

Do not try to solve a problem cardinally: the majority of masters will disagree to do an elyuminirovaniye or biolamination of hair at strong damages, and will recommend at first to treat them. There are many ways how to strengthen hair and to prevent problems.
Our female magazine considers, if your hair пушатся, from now on give them more attention, and they will love you.

Evgeny Petrov

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