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Hair shine – natural light

Hair shine - natural light

Coloring, laying, cosmetics, influence of sunshine and a wind, stresses, the wrong care of hair – all this leads to a dim hair color. But how to return a hair shine?

Hair shine: that for this purpose it is necessary

The effect of brilliant hair can achieve, having visited beauty salons, or to make it in house conditions, using folk remedies about which we will talk a bit later. So that helps our hair to become brilliant:

  • Lamination of hair
    Being formed as a result of drawing on hair of special means the film protects them from harmful external factors. Also the hair shine is got.
  • Peeling
    Yes, yes, peeling. That is necessary not only for a body and the person, but also for hair on which enough remains of ukladochny means, stylings and other structures accumulated. All this congestion does hair dim, and the peeling special means helps to return beautiful shine. For a peeling special srubs and clearing hair gels are used.
  • Cream and gels for shine
    Technologies in the sphere of beauty are not at a stop. There are many various creams and gels with fine aromas which return a hair shine. The composition of such creams includes particles which reflecting light that allows to achieve light of hair. Besides shine of cream will help to reach and effect of softness, elasticity of hair, but these are already individual properties of each cream separately.
  • Balms for an opolaskivaniye
    Balms for an opolaskivaniye of hair on the basis of natural components will help to achieve effect of brilliant hair. The hair balsam of own preparation especially well helps hair to begin to shine.
  • Masks for hair
    For hair it is necessary to choose masks carefully, strictly considering type of the hair.

Hair shine – folk remedies

Folk remedies for a hair shine are known still to our great-grandmothers, and anybody and never complained of their efficiency – so, it is necessary to try. Certainly, it is broths and masks from natural components.

The most popular broth is a broth from a camomile which is put on damp hair for about 20 minutes, then is washed away, then hair wash shampoo. It is possible after to wash hair to grease with lemon juice, it will return a hair shine. It is also possible to flavor hair with lemon juice after impact on them camomile broth and shampoo. If juice of a lemon is suitable for all hair, action of a camomile will be notable only for blondes and owners of a fair hair.

And here dark-haired ladies are recommended to use the same lemon juice or a special mix. The recipe of a mix is simple: to displace egg and rum in number of three spoons in one weight, to put it on hair and to wind the head with a fabric for 25 minutes. Then all this to wash away. We wash away only warm water.

In general, hot water does hair dim therefore to wash them it is necessary only warm, and to rinse cold water. Helps to achieve effect of shining hair and the rye bread which crusts soften in water, and then in this weight mass head skin. The weight is left on hair, the head turns around in a towel on half an hour, then everything is washed away by warm water, and the head washes shampoo. Our female magazine considers that these simple and useful national recipes will help you to return a hair shine.

Julia Borisova

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