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Keraplastika – a revolutionary hair reconstruction

Keraplastika – a revolutionary hair reconstruction
Keraplastika – the most demanded service among clients of beauty salons of Tyumen, and hairdressers estimate it as one of the most effective procedures for owners of the damaged hair. Keraplastika allows to restore hair for 80 %.

Keraplastika – a revolutionary hair reconstruction

Keraplastika is a procedure in 4 stages during which hair feed with a keratin. The keratin gained recognition of the most important element in structure of hair. With age, and also under the influence of chemical, thermal processing of hair there is a compression of molecules, and we receive a fine, dry, limp and brittle hair. According to specialists of our female Internet magazine, thanks to керапластике hair are sated with a protein, find the elasticity, the restored structure and healthy, beautiful shine.

Who needs in керапластике?

So, керапластика a hair – ideal option for those who:

  • often subjects hair to chemical processing (for example, to chemical straightening) and to coloring by hair-dyes;

  • has the hair damaged by solar and thermal influence;

  • notices that hair need moistening;

  • wants to return former volume of hair;

  • possesses the hair which have lost shine and brightness of a hair color, including the painted;

  • has hair with obvious signs of aging, a gray hair.

Carrying out керапластики

Keraplastika – a revolutionary hair reconstruction
As already noted above, керапластику carry out to 4 stages:

  1. clarification of hair by means of shampoo and means on the care of the hair, not containing sulfates;

  2. drawing on hair of a special concentrate (the pure keratinovy complex with high concentration of the keratin filling shortage of proteins, instantly strengthens structure of hair);

  3. drawing on a lock of a nutritious mask for hair – fixes a keratinovy concentrate in deep covers of a hair and fixes кортекс, feeding and its keratin;

  4. drawing of the conditioner looking after the top layer for hair – alignment of their surface, dense closing keratinovy чешуек, support of hydrobalance of hair, giving of elasticity by it.

All procedure occupies 45 minutes – 1,5 h., everything depends on length of hair. Experts recommend to combine керапластику with a hairstyle or hair-dyeing. Efficiency керапластики keeps 4-6 weeks.

Keraplastika: care of hair after procedure

For a long time to keep results керапластики, use those special hair preparations which to you will be offered by the master. But it is possible also most to pick up hair preparations, the main thing that they did not contain sulfates. Otherwise from hair the keratin will quickly be washed up.

Keraplastika – a revolutionary hair reconstruction
Styling of hair after carrying out керапластики do better by the means which are including water-soluble силиконы which will not promote a zabivaniye of structure of hair.

Wish to save up an effective type of the hair and their health? Then our portal the Beauty Country recommends to appoint Tyumen in your diary of beauty following кераплатику already on the expiration of 6 weeks.


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