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Lunar calendar of hairstyles – not simply ritual


Lunar calendar of hairstyles – not simply ritual
Phases of the Moon influence processes of terrestrial life so evidently what to observe them it is possible with open years. Who though time saw inflow and outflow or became the witness of deterioration of health at the sick person during a full moon, that will not begin to doubt power of the Moon. The lunar calendar is made for many kinds of activity which can be planned: trips, agriculture, finance. Also there is a lunar calendar of hairstyles – not only in the ancient time, but also now it is popular around the world.

Lunar calendar of hairstyles, in what sense

The lunar calendar of hairstyles helps to choose ideal time for various actions with hair. It is considered that through hair it is possible to affect well the next events in the life and to avoid influence of negative tendencies. It is known that in hair force is put. During ancient times this force was considered magic therefore at one time women with a flowing hair were considered even dirty and connected with as sorcery. There was a period in the history that the dismissed long hair spoke also libertinism of the woman. Today the dismissed thick hair is a sign of beauty and an envy subject. But in any case a conclusion one – beautiful hair do not leave indifferent people. All this with an ulterior motive, after all in them is force, memory. Therefore the hairstyle is not elimination of undesirable length. It is a certain ritual which incorporates to rationality of a choice. And it is necessary to choose time and day. Here also there is a lunar calendar of hairstyles which helps to make a right choice. It is made for every month of year.

Lunar calendar of hairstyles from July 1 to July 14, 2012

Our Internet portal the Country of beauty offers you a lunar calendar of hairstyles for the first two weeks of July.

On July 1, Sunday

To 2 o’clock in the morning it is better not to have hair cut, as this process not in the best way will affect private life and a family. And here after 2 hours of 10 minutes it is possible to be cut safely as it can introduce in life of career growth and good luck. It is possible to feed and dye hair.

On July 2, Monday

Till 22 o’clock 50 minutes it is possible to be cut for the career benefit. And here after that it is not necessary to time – unsuccessful time for a hairstyle.

On July 3, Tuesday

The hairstyle is better for postponing in general.

On July 4, Wednesday

Till 22 o’clock 50 minutes to do a hairstyle it is not recommended, and after – even it is good for health of hair.

On July 5, Thursday

Till 4 o’clock 25 minutes it is possible to have hair cut, and hair will quickly not grow. After that time does not need to have hair cut and do any actions with hair.

On July 6, Friday

With hair it is necessary to refuse manipulations.

On July 7, Saturday

The hairstyle and hairdressing can bring troubles if become to a half of the ninth morning. If after that time – that is threat of dryness of skin and a peeling.

On July 8, Sunday

Complete refusal of any manipulations with hair.

On July 9, Monday

The hairstyle of hair can lead even to indispositions.

On July 10, Tuesday and on July 11, Wednesday

It is not recommended to have hair cut, negative tendencies.

On July 12, Thursday

Till 3 o’clock 35 minutes of morning are better not to cut hair, deterioration of a condition of hair is possible. After 3 hours of 35 minutes it is possible to have hair cut safely, it is useful for hair. Their growth is slowed down.

On July 13, Friday and on July 14, Saturday

For a hairstyle, and here coloring it is not necessary to do excellent day.

The lunar calendar of hairstyles for the first half of July will help to operate according to moon helps.

Julia Borisova

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