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Pure hair for a long time it is real!

Much know, directly after to wash hair, without looking at the maximum purity and freshness, it is rare when are pleasant. They are disobediently scattered, is awful пушатся and at all refuse to hold laying, to them does not get shine and elasticity. Even the qualified stylists advise before issue not to wash the head, for ideal hair dressing the fresh-washed head of hear is not necessary, she all the same will not keep in a hairdress.

Pure hair for a long time it is real!

Is here and the reverse of the medal: if already next day after washing hair too stale, whether before laying here? And to set hair in a hairdress not always it would be desirable, many women prefer to dismiss ringlets simply carelessly.

Our female portal the Country of Beauty of Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug-Yugra offers some recommendations which will help to keep purity of hair most long.

Pure hair for a long time it is real!
Pure hair and frequency of their washing

Do not wash the head often. Some трихологи consider that need of frequent washing of the head on a hand only to producers of shampoos. To arrange a bath to hair actually 1-2 times a week are necessary not more often.

Get a certain mode of washing and an opolaskivaniye of hair and accustom them to it. Many girls daily wash the head, and consider absurd council washing hair of times a week. They think so: if not to wash, it is necessary to go with the dirty head.

Reality is as follows: the more often you wash hair, the quicker they are soiled, because each washing promotes washing off from head skin and a surface of hair of natural protection. If to get tradition a head of hear to be more rare, it, certainly, not at once, but will obey – the natural regulator of skin fat will be adjusted, and hair will cease to need frequent washing.

Whether water temperature influences when washing head pure hair?

It is not necessary to wash hair with hot water. High temperature of water leads to a hard work of sebaceous glands, as a result, there is a development of a large amount of sweat and fat. As result – visually hair very quickly become fat and dirty. For the same reason frequent use of the hair dryer too is not recommended.

Pure hair for a long time it is real!
Pure hair: how it is correct to use cosmetics for hair?

To use means against dry tips of hair it is necessary correctly. Using conditioners and creams for moistening of hair, it is necessary to watch hit of cosmetics only on the damaged ends.

Misuse of these means is fraught with that, as without that hair instantly being salted at roots are soiled and become even fatter quicker.

Beautiful hair are not only a sign of a strong and healthy human body, but also, certainly, result of the correct approach on the care of hair. Our female online magazine advises to show care in relation to the health in general and to hair in particular, and they for it will pay back you with beauty and purity.


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