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Thick hair: how to restore density of hair?

Thick hair: how to restore density of hair?
Thick hair is very important attribute of the woman which wishes to be attractive and beautiful. But how to be, if they истончились and thinned as a result of uncountable paintings and a systematic thermowave or on the contrary a chemical hair straightening?

Thick hair: how to restore density of hair?

Our female Internet portal the Beauty Country Tyumen argues that at a competent and caring attitude your hair will present to you enviable density and the healthy shine.

Secrets of a thick hair

Care of hair happens different. It happens, you will shake the curls (that a pride subject), and all pride and drops out of them. Shreds. What to do at a hair loss? We advise to prepare for replenishment of the stock of recipes by secrets for a healthy and thick hair.

Thick hair: how to restore density of hair?
That your hair in all senses got drunk with happiness, it is necessary to pound egg white with cognac (one pile), to put a mask on the head, to pack into a package and to be warmed by a towel. In 30 minutes wash away a mask warm water (to avoid effect of a fresh omelette on hair). And as a result you receive, a full and drunk, shining and thick hair at a minimum of expenses.

The recipes presented below, will overturn your ordinary idea of care of hair.

For hair coconut oil is a true paradise pleasure. It will relieve hair from секущихся the ends, having filled them with primitive energy and vital force. How to use: plavy to a maslitsa also we put it on tips of hair. If the condition of hair leaves much to be desired – we distribute oil on all length. To put on roots of hair and head skin coconut oil it is not recommended – too fat. The most optimum option – to take this mix all night long, and to wash up the head in the morning. Difficulties with washing off will not be, do not worry.

One more effective way of care of hair is application of olive oil. The way is so old and popular that once again only proves the efficiency. Very plentifully oil hair so that it flew down from hair plentifully. Wrap up hair in a plastic bag fast, all oil did not escape yet. You will not believe the eyes – already an hour later from oil there will be no also a trace, on hair humidity, and result – a healthy, thick and beautiful hair will be only slightly appreciable.

Thick hair: how to restore density of hair?
Mask with yeast for a thick hair

If you have limp and brittle hair, for a food, stimulations of hair bulbs and growth of hair you will accept a mask with yeast. Mix one yolk with 1 tablespoon of yeast, and add in a mix broth of that grass which most of all approaches to hair. For example, it is necessary for brunettes to wash the head in broth of a St. John’s Wort or an oak bark, to blondes – in a camomile, and to red-haired beauties – in a calendula. Put in a warm place a mix for an hour that yeast approached, then add to it 1 tablespoon of repeyny oil and any on a choice essential oil (10 drops).

On all length in a warm look put a mask on hair, cover the head polyethylene, and from above a thick towel and leave for 30-40 minutes. It is more preferable, if for the period of mask fixing you are in heat. Action of this mask is similar to soft shampoo, and it with ease is washed away by warm water. To do such masks it is necessary courses: 10 procedures, once in 3 days then to make a break for 2 months.

Councils for achievement of a thick hair

In conclusion of some general recommendations from our female magazine how to achieve a thick hair:

– wash the head always with boiled water or soft (with soda addition), water temperature should not reach and furthermore to exceed 50 degrees;

– it is impossible to accustom hair to daily washing, choose shampoo according to natural requirements of hair, their type;

– before bathing procedures always carefully comb hair.

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