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Hair as silk

Hair as silk
Hair as silk

Very soon the spring sun will force us to remove warm caps, and it means that the special attention will be chained to hair. Carefully to be prepared for a new season some councils will help.

Soft address

Difference of temperatures – the main enemy of hair in the winter. On a frost head skin blood circulation therefore nutrients badly arrive in hair is slowed down. In a heated room air dry therefore roots of hair are quickly dried up. Hair do not manage to be arranged under such big temperature differences and become more vulnerable. Therefore in the winter it is necessary to use the soft shampoo suitable under your type of hair. Besides, it is not necessary to neglect balm and the conditioner. Balm feeds dry roots, and the conditioner restores shine and removes a static stress.

Special diet

From a lack of vitamins hair lose force and drop out. Look for zinc useful to hair in a citrus and green vegetables, and the "correct" fats – in avocado, fish, nuts, olive, linen and rapsovy oil. It is necessary to avoid some saturated animal fats, and as sweet and sharp. Drink a lot of water – it will support necessary balance of liquid of all organism as a whole and your skin in particular.

Such scales

In the winter dandruff becomes very widespread – the same temperature drops and long carrying of a cap are guilty. For disposal of this misfortune use special shampoos and use medical masks which it is possible to prepare in house conditions. For example, such mask for the night: to mix 1 tablespoon of cosmetic vinegar, 6 tablespoons of warm water with eight tablespoons of broth of a nettle. A mask by means of a tampon to rub in head skin, to stick the head a scarf. In the morning carefully to wash out hair and to rinse them water with addition of cosmetic vinegar. Plan of treatment: three months on 2 times a week.

Make to hair pleasantly

To strengthen roots of hair and to make a head of hear more dense simple massage will help.

Wash hair and slightly dry them a towel. Then put both palms on the head: little fingers should appear on the top, and big fingers – behind ears. Make some deep breaths – exhalations to relax, and small pillows of fingers start to mass skin in the field of the top gentle roundabouts.

By means of these simple recommendations your hair become a subject of general admiration and your main ornament.

The material is prepared by Tatyana Voronova