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Hair color

Hair color

For a hair color and skin of each certain person the pigment of melanin which is developing меланоцитами in a hair follicle which contains painting substance answers. And as, from vials of air containing in a hair cell. Production of melanin is put genetically. The main function of melanin is protection of skin against radiation by an ultraviolet.

Melanin in the answer for color

Color to hair betrays amount of melanin. A fair hair contains smaller quantity of a pigment, than dark, but in them there are more than air vials. Pigments there is two look – black эвмеланин in the form of the extended granules and yellow феомеланин a roundish form. They meet in various not repeated combinations on which the shade of hair at each person depends. As a rule, identical combinations in the nature do not meet, and, respectively, and a hair color at each person unique.
Over time the amount of melanin in hair decreases, owing to what hair grow gray and lose the flexibility. Besides this process can be caused by a stressful condition of an organism. At a sudden ostrovopodobny posedeniye the reason can be concealed in an inflammation of nearby nerves. At albinism in hair the pigment is absent absolutely.

Blondes and brunettes

Despite the various contents not repeated combinations of melanin, nevertheless it is accepted to divide all people according to their hair color into five groups: blondes, fair-haired, red, brown-haired persons and brunettes. Natural blondes on a planet least. Respectively brunettes – the highest quantity. Rather fair-haired hair color is not present a consensus, to them designate a wide range of shades from light блонда and to the brown-haired person. The red hair color for which the maintenance of a large number феомеланина answers, meets not often. But the golden and red shade can be present at hair of various flowers, from dark to the light. Brown-haired persons call people with brown, coffee, chocolate shades of hair.

Correct coloring of hair

Desire to go to a beauty salon and to change the natural hair color comes almost bar none to each girl from time immemorial. And, as a rule, dark-haired surely want to become blondes, and svetlenky – to be painted in dark tone. To predict, to which will manage color after its sharp change, it is almost impossible, it is not so simple to master molecules of melanin. If nevertheless also it is possible to be painted on 5-6 tones is more light or is more dark, most likely hair will strongly be damaged, will lose elasticity and shine. Will put in order such hair very difficult.
Melanin does not give in to water influence, but alkali or acid are capable to change it and even to destroy. This property is actively used in coloring of hair. And эвмеланин gives in to destruction much easier, than феомеланин. For this reason it is so difficult to get rid of a reddish shade when coloring.
Wishing to change a natural hair color it is necessary to pay attention to that what melanin of type in their hair prevails, or they treat what type of appearance – warm or cold. Respectively, owners of the first will accept warm shades – with a ryzhinka, chocolate, honey. It is better to second type to pay attention to cold shades – ashy, platinum, black.

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